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    I am writing a book about tech support. I would really like the input of each and everyone. I would like to know what problems you have had or have heard in regards to windows, office, the internet, or internet browsers( AND HARDWARE QUESTIONS). Basically I need to know stuff like "My computer keeps freezing up, I get a GPF everytime I boot. What can I do? Then give me what answers you have heard or if you know the best way to fix it, give me that answer.

    Now here is the cool part... in turn for letting me post here, I will be including the tweaktown forum in my book as a place where everybody is welcome to come for help. I will also be sending a copy of the book to the administrators of this site so they can know they were published. I will also make sure the person who post the most amount of question/answers will also be mentioned in this book and will receive a copy as well.

    So I hope each and everyone of you can help me out... and I thank you for everything in advance...

    Best Regards,