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RAM ns error's in reviews

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  • RAM ns error's in reviews

    Hi :D
    Just noticed a few errors in the reported RAM ns in two video card reviews.
    In the Gigabyte Maya II 9700 review,

    And the Albatron Ti4200P review

    The RAM ns has been reported incorrectly. For the Maya II review, it says the card uses 2.8ns Hynix DDR RAM. However, it actually uses 3.6ns Hynix RAM. You can see this by looking at the RAM chip, where it says 36, and also by reading the spec sheet of the RAM located here:
    That model RAM is listed as being 550MHz RAM, which corresponds with 3.6ns RAM, which is what it is :) Similarly, that review says the Pro cards use 2.2ns Samsung RAM, they actually use 2.8ns Samsung RAM - 2.2ns RAM has a theoretical speed of 909MHz :eek:
    In the Albatron review, it says that card uses 2.2ns RAM - it uses 3.3ns AFAIK, but certainly not 2.2. As i said, 2.2 = 909MHz, so its obviously not 2.2ns RAM. :) In that review, the 2.2ns RAM is in the "Pro's" section of the review, so it looks rather dodgy!
    Anyway, those are two small things that i noticed