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    I am often frustrated to see online reviews with no manufacturer links or pricing info at the end. This seems like a standard approach in regular magazines like PC Magazine, but not online. Why is that?

    I just read the Rhoebus article and that's what got me thinking about this. I also recently read a review of some multi-card readers (for flash media, etc.) and had the same reaction. What's the point of reviewing some hot new product if you aren't going to tell people what the thing cost or where they can get it?


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    Each of our reviews, at the top, has two links - one for the supplier and one for the manufacturer.

    Our articles do not have this section because often we dont even talk about hardware, or when we talk about hardware there is usually more than one companies hardware included.

    In Shawn's rheobus article, you will see links to the company pages on the first page about half way down the page.
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      That and the fact that different people all over the world aer going to go to different places to get it, and pay vastly different prices for it.


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        Yes this is an "international" site. ;)


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          One final consideration to add is that many of our review items are received directly from the manufacturer... before they are available in a retail setting. In this case, it is very difficult to give an accurate assessment of the retail price and a seller of the item in question.

          Also, different countries will receive shipments for retail sales at different times, so again, new products can't be reliably reported on where purchasing is the issue.
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