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  • pop-up problem

    today whenever I visit this forum - and only this forum - I get a bucket load of pop-ups. it's the first time I've had pop-ups from this site.:confused:
    I've visited plenty of other sites today with no problems.
    I have a virus-free PC, and have ad-blocked/scanned my PC.....

    anyone else with this problem, or just me?:(

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    Nope not having any problems... the only problem I have sometimes is it takes forever to post but thats once in a blue moom lately


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      I use Pop-stopper from
      Try it out and see if it helps:cool:
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        There are NO pop-up ads running on this website!
        Cameron "Mr.Tweak" Wilmot
        Managing Director
        Tweak Town Pty Ltd


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          I have to say I'm a bit alarmed Sunshine.

          It's true, there are no pop-ups here ATM.

          I suspect some source resident on your PC is causing this. I would suggest you download and run Spybot Search & Destroy, available at;

          Spybot Search & Destroy is the only freeware detection and removal tool that is still kept updated -- AdAware and a couple of other popular tools are not kept current. And as we know, there are new forms of nastiness almost daily.

          Give Spybot a try and see if it detects anything.

          and for anyone who thinks kazaalite is free of spyware, have you run Spybot on it? LOL, no - I didn't think so
          The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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            An excellent link there Mr.C. :thumb:


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              Indeed, good work (again) Mr.C

              Cameron "Mr.Tweak" Wilmot
              Managing Director
              Tweak Town Pty Ltd


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                WOW - It found 233 "problems" on my PC!
                Cameron "Mr.Tweak" Wilmot
                Managing Director
                Tweak Town Pty Ltd


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                  Originally posted by Mr.Tweak
                  WOW - It found 233 "problems" on my PC!
                  What a brilliant program. I recommend it to everyone - it took all of 2 minutes to scan through my PC and gave me a list of infected files and registry keys and gave them a security rating classifed by red or blue - many of the blue found items were legit programs like Paint Shop Pro, but you still have the option of removing the crap from them but it did say they may not function properly afterwards.

                  It even goes as far as telling you, in detail, which each "problem" in each program is doing wrong...

                  It found two instances of Gator and removed both, that alone gets my thumbs up!

                  Cameron "Mr.Tweak" Wilmot
                  Managing Director
                  Tweak Town Pty Ltd


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                    Question: My mom uses Gator... and when we added adware it came up with a billion it seemed with Gator in them... if we delete those will the program still work??? I never heard of the other program and will give it a try!!

                    When I loaded Kazza on my computer and ran adware omg the stuff attached to it was unbelievable!!
                    I at first download just regular kazza and later found out that in the agreement section you gave them permission to use your bandwith and also the use of your harddrive or something like that..... a friend told me this information... he recommended Kazza lite.... now with kazza lite it wants to upgrade and I am staying away from doing so... just for that cause... and I think they are trying to make you pay for it now ::: not sure:::


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                      Your mother uses Gator for what exactly??
                      Perhaps we could find her a more machine/user friendly tool that would accomplish the same task/s without being intrusive and foul.
                      Other programs do the same things -- give us a list of her requirements and maybe we could help find some replacements.
                      In truth Gator is no wonder tool that has no match. Truth is Gator offers some small common utilities that can be found elsewhere without all the heinous added in BS that only benefits Gator with no useful impact to the user.

                      Gator contains;
                      Adware = software that serves as a delivery system for advertising while your PC is connected to the internet.

                      Spyware = software that reports your surfing habits to Gator, where that info is collected and redistributed to study various commercial implications of internet use.

                      Stealware = this is the most heinous of them all in my opinion, the software in Gator will actually steal your clicks! Allow me to give you a "for instance", let's suppose you wanted to purchase some product from an advertisement on the web. For example, when I purchase memory from Crucial, I always got to TweakTown and click on the Crucial advertisement there -- instead of going directly to by myself. That way, when I make a purchase, TweakTown is given credit for that sale and makes a few cents for being the 3rd party that helped sell me the product. That way, I get the product I intended to purchase and at the same time I can support our beloved TweakTown -- Cool, huh!

                      But the nasty software included with Gator will actually intercept this process and tell Crucial that the redirect came from an entity belonging to the Gator Inc. family of fiends.
                      That's right! Taking the food out of the mouths of upstanding web sites, Crucial gives them the credit and poor Mr. Tweak gets squat, simply because you allowed such mindless drivel as Gator to reside on your system and propogate the foul-play that Gator is 100% with malice of forethought designed to do.

                      The only reason that Gator offers you these little utilities that have some amount of use to you is simply that by tricking you into installing that bit of usefulness -- they acquire 1 more machine that will enable them to rape and pillage the good users of the internet!!!!

                      I'm begging you, find your good mother a replacement for the tools she finds so convenient -- if you supply her with an adequate replacement, I'm sure she will use it, particularly if you take the time to explain to her the foulness that is Gator.

                      As far as KaZaa goes, read all the above, this time just substitute "KaZaa" for every place you see the word "Gator".
                      It's the same evil crap in the form of a different so called utility package.

                      They are both evil personified!!! < I can't stress that enough

                      In my opinion, anyone who utilizes the "tools" provided by either Gator or KaZaa (and wild as it seems, some people use both ). Are certainly uninformed as to the evilness they are supporting and don't have much respect for their computer or honest web sites.

                      Sorry to be harsh, but Gator and Kazaa are harsh pieces of foulware when you look at what they really do.

                      and to answer the question; YES, that does include KaZaaLite too!
                      The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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                        ok, then there is a big problem.....
                        I run spybot at the end of every day, and update it religiously.
                        i have a clean pc up until i open TT.....
                        I don't have kazaa or gator or any other type of file sharing through the internet. if you go to sites that use illegal sharing of files you get what you expect.
                        again today I opened other forums... no pop-ups.
                        opened TT..... new pop-up per page!!!

                        not good.


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                          Originally posted by Mr.Tweak
                          What a brilliant program. I recommend it to everyone
                          There you have it folks!
                          The official Mr. Tweak Seal of Approval.
                          So if you were putting off using this program -- get off your duff and do it now!

                          I am extremely careful about the programs I use and the content which I allow on my system. Fact of the matter is, I've been tempted by a lot of freeware out there, but thorough research prior to actually DL'ing it has shown some of them to contain "less than desirable" undocumented features.

                          Mr. Tweak takes care of his system, we all know that -- yet he was advised of 233 possible security concerns:eek:

                          Shocking! But it isn't an uncommon phenomenon, there is a lot of undesirable stuff out there. Some of it is included in programs we pay for - no kidding, crazy ain't it?

                          My system scan came up with 44 entries. (Told you I'm the cautious type, didn't I) :D
                          36 of them are benign, such as MRU file listings like the recent documents and recently opened files in media players etc. - no problems, I use those to my own benefit at times.
                          1 was the Alexa backweb utility that comes with the Western Digital software they distribute with their HDD utilities. Again, no problem -- I had disabled that from the Windows start menu immediately after installing. It's still there, in case it ever should prove to be of benefit to me.
                          But 7 of them were cookies tracking me on the web!!
                          I swear to you 3 of those domains have long been disabled through the security features of IE -- but there they were nonetheless.
                          I don't know if they were actually capable of doing thier nasty business, I assume not. But they are gone now thanks to Spybot Search & Destroy.

                          Download it, use it -- or I will be forced to tell you again! :laugh:
                          The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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                            Originally posted by Sunshine
                            ok, then there is a big problem.....
                            Indeed there certainly is!
                            I suspect GAIN is the culprit here.
                            Proceed to this link;

                            about the 3rd paragraph from the bottom of that page, it goes like this.

                            "Users receive advertising messages with GAIN branding only if they choose to download or use free software or Web services that are part of GAIN. To view a list of products that are part of GAIN and installed on the computer you are currently using click here"

                            left click the "click here" link and see if the javascript shows you any applications -- if so, there is the source of the problem.
                            The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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                              In the interest of keeping mom happy I would suggest you have her try RoboForm. It is 100% free of the Gator type nastiness.


                              I think mom will like it:thumb:
                              The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.