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    As computers have become very noisy. Why does no one compare how much noise the case absorbs or putting it differently, with a given setup how much noise does it emit? This type of measurement is quite simple.

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    After reviewing both steel and aluminum cases, I haven't seen any case that does any good at dampening noise. The level of ear pollution you receive has always been a matter of how powerful the fans are. Given this concept, I haven't seen a need to include this information in any of the case reviews.

    If noise is a factor, then you can check into some noise dampening material that I've seen advertised around the web. Some sort of cushion-like accoustic material that is supposed to keep the fans from emitting the noise beyond the case, but if you have any sort of breathing for the fans, it seems to me that the noise will escape anyway.
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      Using noise dampening materials usually beat their purpose for they tend to increase the temperature inside the case thus requiring new fans ...
      What is important, is the volume of air that enters and exits the case, therefore by increasing the fans size (or the number of fans) and using good quality fans, you can decrease their RPM thus decreasing the amount of noise they produce. I've been doing it for years and it works fine. Though I haven't measured the level of noise the difference is quite noticeable. I can only wonder why case manufacturers have not come up with this simple solution.
      There are more elaborate solutions using the nature of sound waves but they will increase the cost considerably.