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OptoRite 48/16/48 CD-RW Burner

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  • OptoRite 48/16/48 CD-RW Burner

    You guys did a review of this burner recently, and I'm afraid I've got to put my 2 cents in on this. I put it here because of the insane amount of incompatabilities with this companies CDRW's, if it needs to be moved to another forum, please feel free to move it.

    I have recently tried a couple of this companies drives, and have been thoroughly UN-impressed.

    1. The drives only seemed to work with Nero (i know this is an issue of the software, but it still hinders the drive)

    2. The drives RARELY saw the cdr's at rated speed, 48x rated discs were seen as 16 or 24x. I tried close to 10 different brands of cdr's rated from 32x-48x and the drive reported most to only be 16x. Some it would see as 32x, then the next CD of the same brand/make would be seen as 16x.

    3. Tech support is beyond non-existant.
    - There website claims there IS a firmware update for the drive, but they dont give it to you.
    - When contacting tech support, the person who replied told me to email him the result from Nero CD speed. That was the end, they never replied back to the email with the results I sent. And after sending emails weekly for 3 months, they never once replied back.

    4. The drive after 3 weeks started exibiting problems. Burns would die with the error stating a buffer underrun(?) even with buffer underrun protection on. Drive would randomly stop being able to read cd's (burnt cd's at first, then eventual any cd's) and wouldn't be able to read them again until a restart. Amongst other problems which seemed to increase over the period I had it untill it died.

    Overall, the drive seemed to be great when I bought it, and minus the incompatability with other burning software, I was happy with the drive for the first 2 weeks or so, but after that, the drive just kept going downhill till it died.

    Just thought I would point this out to anyone interested in purchasing a drive from this company. Be forewarned.

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    1. Yes software issue - companies also need to make their software work right.

    2. You're totally wrong here - this in fact a feature. The burner will auto set the cdrs back to a safe writing speed.
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      what do you mean safe writing speed? all the cdr's I tested with were certified to 32x or above. Brands including HP, Sony, TDK, and Ritek, as well as generic unbranded. The system itself was more then capable of writing at the max 48x speeds. Even Nero itself reported the drive said they were 16-24x. When the drive finally failed, I replaced it with a liteon, and all the left over cdr's I had, tested, and burned at the proper certified speeds.