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SanDisk Extreme Pro 240GB Six-Drive SSD RAID Report

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  • SanDisk Extreme Pro 240GB Six-Drive SSD RAID Report

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    Re: SanDisk Extreme Pro 240GB Six-Drive SSD RAID Report

    OMG, you're killin' me Jon!!

    I've been using my 3D RAID 0 of 240GB Extreme IIs for a while now as my data drive on one PC. I have two 240GB Extreme Pros as OS drives, one with the 3D EX II RAID 0 volume, the other on another PC.

    I've been flirting with getting two or three 256GB Toshiba Q Pros that I can get for cheap locally (most people are unaware of them.) Now I see 480GB Intel 730s on sale locally, plus great prices on SanDisk Extreme Pros. Not to mention Samsung 850s... what is a SSD collector to do?

    And now you come up with a 6D RAID 0 of Extreme Pros?!?!

    I'm not asking, I'll be fine whatever I do. To bad the X99 chipset only has RAID support on six of its ten SATA ports.

    Actually, Intel needs to let the user decide where they want to allocate more PCIe or DMI lanes to, disk IO or video card slots. Plus more lanes from the "Mainstream" chipsets, at least the Z types.

    Meanwhile, I can hear the RAID 0 naysayers ramble on about "drive failure". Honestly, I've never had a RAID 0 array of SSDs fail, never.

    Keep up the great work Jon and don't stop RAIDing!!
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