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  • Review suggestion (for GF3)

    Here's an idea that's could be an extension of Darth's Prolink GF3 review:

    Would it be feasible to have a comparative set of benches for the card at stock and various stages of O/C mem and core separately.

    Eg. First run: stock core and mem speeds
    2nd run: up the core 10Mhz, leave the mem stock
    3rd run: up the core 20Mhz, leave the mem stock
    4th run: leave the core, up the mem.... etc.
    You get the idea.

    Comparing FPS and 3Dmark at various speeds, to determine what effect overclocking the mem and core individually does to performance on a GF3. Nearly all reviews I've come across have the card's std speed and the max stable o/c for both core and mem. It's kinda pointless, as one clearly knows it'll result in an increase in performance when you overclock both.

    What's also not clear cut is which benefits a GF3 the most - some insist o/c'ing the mem by a set % will yield higher performance than the corresponding % increase of the core, yet the dozen or so reviews I've come across indicates this is not always the case.

    Anyway, this could be a selfish request - as I am currently in the market for a Ti200, I'd like to get the best for my dough.

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    I'd have to have an awful lot of time for that. The number of variables you ask for would be rather large. :)