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  • The Internet Security Tweak Guide

    It has some missinformation in it:

    "Symantec / Norton – Make sure you update to the latest version to address small issues seen in previous versions. Norton had an automatic rule creation on in the previous versions, and that was a real bad idea. Many issues are now addressed in the newer versions. 3.5/5

    In unsorted, here are some firewalls that I do NOT recommend at all for use. Personal experience and reviews showed me that these are not for anyone’s use who wants a secure network.

    BlackICE Defender (Not a firewall, but a program to monitor traffic)
    Conseal Desktop
    Conseal PC FW
    eSafe Desktop
    PrivateFirewall 2.0
    Lockdown 2000"

    Well NIS, the Symantec product is Atguard. Symantec bought the program rights odd wrq and added a different gui, automatic rule creation etc, So I don't know why you would not reccomend it since you can't get it legally. Also Black Ice is an IDS (Intrusion Detection System)