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  • Antec PSU review

    greetings all.

    I thouroughly enjoyed reading the recent review by Asher Moses. It is probably the most comprehensive PSU review i have ever read on the net. I actually tested the specifications of the PSU's rather than just list the specs of one's computer and run the PSU for a while and take a screendump of MBM5.

    I have a problem though. I'm looking to buy a high-end PSU so i don't need to worry about power issues for the next couple of generations (ATX prevailing) and would like to see how the Enermax 550W PSU stacks up against the Antec under the same testing conditions. I have searched the web and there are no reviews of the Enermax PSU are anything short of story-telling.
    What's the chance that you can have a comparison??
    : party ha

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    Have you seen this review of one, :?:
    Also did ya know that Enermax, Topower and Super Flower PSU's are all made by the same company in China? Here is a review of the Super Flower, , and the Topower, , with really the only difference being price with the Enermax being the dearest and the Super Flower being the cheapest. :smokin:


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      i bought the super-flower 550W and it rules!!

      cant say anything bad and havent reviewed it yet...


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        i've read every 1/2 decent review of the 550W enermax but none test the unit as methodically as this review. They're just like "well i put all my fans in there and this is what MBM5 showed".

        I just want to see them on a level playing field with good testing


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          Thanks for your kind comments, we will do our best to obtain an Enermax unit for comparison purposes in the future.


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            :) Wiggo - Thanks for the links to the reviews.