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TweakTown’s Digital Lounge Blu-ray Awards 2008

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  • TweakTown’s Digital Lounge Blu-ray Awards 2008

    Please feel free to comment about our story entitled "TweakTown’s Digital Lounge Blu-ray Awards 2008"

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    Re: TweakTown’s Digital Lounge Blu-ray Awards 2008

    Excellent summary. But you forgot the most important award of all:

    Best Effort To Destroy Format By Greedy Corporation

    Criteria: High initial licensing fees to prevent independent films on format, assumption of arrogant "If WE build it, they will come" attitude, ridiculous pricing strategy unrelated to economic reality or that many people will (gasp!) live with upscaling, insistence that better product/technology will overcome other market forces.

    Winner: See Betamax, MiniDisc, DAT, Digital-8, DCC, and some would argue SACD -- which I love, so this is not an anti-Sony rant. I would like Blu-Ray to succeed, but if Sony doesn't change their attitude quickly and realize they're arguing with the installed base that does NOT see a huge need to spend more (in this economy especially), then BR will end up as another technological advance the market did not embrace.

    Hey, Sony: learn from JVC and realize that the way you make money is on billions of units sold with your little Blu-Ray moniker, not on paying your investment back in the next 90 days. Or this, too, will end up as another great format the public didn't buy.

    And, a little P.S.: Lower licensing fees make it possible to release porn profitably. Some find that distasteful, some hot -- not why we're here. Never forget that porn's availability on VHS was one of the driving forces behind it's adoption success.
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