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Shocking Problems That Riddle The Xbox 360

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  • Shocking Problems That Riddle The Xbox 360

    Please feel free to comment about our story entitled "Shocking Problems That Riddle The Xbox 360"

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    Re: Shocking Problems That Riddle The Xbox 360

    Heres an interesting thought for you.

    I think the problems are intentional. I beleive they are planned.

    Read my reasoning before you denounce me as crazy.

    Piracy is a rampant issue inthe gaming community. PC games get cracked and distibuted without pause, soemtimes before they are even released. So whats a good way to avoid that?

    The RROD is an excellent way of avoiding piracy. I mean, if you KNEW that the chances of your machine failing were at 30%, and installing the mod chip would ruin your chances at a warranty, would you do it? I have never done the math, but it seems liek apretty solid way of steering games away from opening the console...

    I just find it odd that a company like Microsoft, who are not a collection of idiots no matter what people think, would overlook a fairly obvious flaw like heat affected solder in a critical spot. Its a bit like Toyota using bubble gum to secure the body to the frame, then being surprised when it doesn't go so well.

    Its just a thought. not being paranoid or anything, just an idea to explore.