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Foxconn G33M motherboard - Intel GMA3100

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  • Foxconn G33M motherboard - Intel GMA3100

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    Re: Foxconn G33M motherboard - Intel GMA3100

    A note for Alternative OS users:

    At this time, the G33M's BIOS has been widely reported as broken for Linux (at least), and the manufacturer, Foxconn, has both refused to fix their BIOS for Linux, and will not provide any support for Linux on this board.

    For possible (community supported) fixes, please see:

    Foxconn deliberately sabotaging their BIOS to destroy Linux ACPI - Ubuntu Forums

    Foxconn does not support any OS other than Microsoft variants on this board. Just don't buy the board if youre interested in running any other OS on it (including BSD, Linux, or Solaris).