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DDR3 Shootout - Geil, Kingston

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  • DDR3 Shootout - Geil, Kingston

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    Re: DDR3 Shootout - Geil, Kingston

    Hmm.. I still wouldn't deem DDR3 a worthy system upgrade for now. Just comparing to the Everest benchmarks, the speeds are a little disapointing.

    Currently I am running GEIL ultra DDR2 1066. With an FSB of about 380MHz (1520Mhz qpumped) all of the benches exceed all of those reviewed and overclocked modules by a very reasonable margin:

    Reads: 10700
    Writes: 7120
    Latency: 47ns

    To conclude: If you're going to build a new system, go for DDR3 just to 'future-proof' your system. Don't expect big things from DDR3 just yet, we're looking at at least a half a year to a year until DDR3 can outmatch finely tuned DDR2 setups.

    If you are currently running DDR2, stick to it. Perhaps get the top of the line DDR2 modules, as that's still much cheaper than DDR3 and still makes you good to go for another half year at least.

    In my opinion, DDR3 remains just "bling" for the coming half year at least.