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ddr400, ddr333

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  • ddr400, ddr333

    I agree with charles on all his points. What wasn't even speculated in this article was that the upcoming hammer series is starting out with ddr333 memory. Wouldn't it make sense that nvidia and via are making chipsets that handle the faster memory types(ddr333, ddr400) now so as to iron out all the bugs? I have read around that these newer memory types are trickier to design and implement because of their higher clock frequencies and are the top frequencies allowed for the ddr-1 specification. Newer designs in the ddr-2 standard supposedly iron out these problems as well. The hammer series is going to have good oem support, and if via and nvidia want to hang on for the ride, they need to develop very stable and efficient solutions. If nvidia and via release ddr400 solutions now, all they have to do is take out the ev6 bus, and pop in hypertransport. They could get half of the engineering out of the way now, while everyone is waiting for hammer. That has been my opinion for a few months now, and I think this article mentioned the glorious 533mhz p4 bus, but nothing of the hammer's ddr333. Since both products aren't released, isn't that a little bit biased?


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    I touched a bit on the hammer in the article, but since we don't know any specific, final information about it and don't know how it will compare to Intel's 64-bit solution because it is a totally new architecture, it's hard to judge how it will fair.

    The 533MHz P4 is being released very soon and the Hammer release is quite far away at the moment. You can't compare the 533MHz P4 to the Hammer since they are both going to be released at different times on the roadmap. The 533MHz P4 will only be competing against the Thoroughbread/Barton,