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Protecting your PC from the outside world

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  • Protecting your PC from the outside world

    In this guide this statement is said

    "Microsoft has also released an Anti-Spyware tool (formerly GIANT Anti-Spyware), but this isn’t looking to good in its current beta stage. If you have it uninstall it and replace it with one of the ones mentioned above."

    What exactly is that supposed to mean? I have been using it for quite some time and I actually rtecommend using it with others such as ad-aware. For the novice user expecially because it has the best detection rate out of any anti-spyware software and the novice user can have it run in the background to prevent.

    IN the statement above no reason is given why it is not looking good. I see nothing, but good from this product. With its great detection rate and feutures I and many security experts think it is the best option. Scannign with another liek ad-aware is a good idea though.