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Mega GPU Performance Comparison

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  • Mega GPU Performance Comparison

    Very interesting. You even managed to beat the bigger sites to it.
    Too bad you still have to use 3.2GHz P4s, but there were only a few better choices since your forced to use P4s until Nforce 4 comes out anyway...

    Are you planning on testing the ATI X*00s for PCI-E anytime soon? It's not so much the X800s that are interesting, especially since PCI-E provides little to no performance increases (as could be expected), but the X300s and X600s. The X300SE and X600XT have been available at online U.S. retailers for some time now, so do you think you get some tests with those done? Another interesting test would be one involving an AGP-PCI-E or PCI-E-AGP bridge to see if it affects performance at all (although I doubt it would).

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    Re: Mega GPU Performance Comparison

    We are looking at doing a complete roundup of the X800, X600 (XT and Pro) and X300 (and X300 SE) very soon.
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