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No email when getting response in Tweaktown ??

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  • No email when getting response in Tweaktown ??

    Hi, can someone tell me why iam not getting email notification no more when someone reply's to a thread question ive put on the site, ya know what i mean, you would receive and email letting ya know if someone has responded to a post.....
    Any ideas ????

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    first of all, this certainly doesn't belong in the Windows forum :)

    there have been a number of people with this problem lately. all I can tell you is that the admin are aware of it and I hope it gets fixed soon.

    However, there are other and more efficient (imo) ways to check for new posts. One being clicking on "View All New Posts" at the top of the page when you login or simply bookmarking threads you have a very high interest in.


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      oky doky mate, no problem, just thought i would ask, cheers...