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Recent Changes to TweakTown (Your thoughts!)

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  • Recent Changes to TweakTown (Your thoughts!)

    Hi guys and girls,

    Over the past couple months we've made a lot of new and positive changes to the layout of TweakTown. These include: User Reviews, E-mail to Friend feature, separated content sections, genre content logos, improve price search through Deal Time, improved web poll and so on.

    I want to get your opinion about what you all think of the changes, most of which you requested in the past and what other changes you would like to see on TweakTown.

    Thanks for your time!

    Cameron "Mr.Tweak" Wilmot
    Managing Director
    Tweak Town Pty Ltd

  • #2
    I think its all great! :thumb: Though I would like to see a more dial-up friendly homepage still, if anything just a different version with a different URL just for us regulars or something...


    • #3
      i think it's all for the best :) TT just keeps getting better and better.


      • #4
        I agree with amd_man
        as much as I love TT, on dialup i dont even bother to check the homepage. I go straight to forums.
        I cant wait to go to school so that i can see the TT front page on broadband.


        • #5
          Yes I'd have to admit too that on dialup the main site is just gettin' slower to load (tried all my machines but the results are the same). :(

          Could we have a separate link to have reviews come up on one page instead of several as waitin' for one page to load won't be near as bad as waitin' for each individual page to load. :?:


          • #6
            Mr. Tweak, I love the additions that have come so far. Increasing functionality and communications are always a good thing.

            I must admit that even on a broadband connection the top ads always take a while to load though.


            • #7
              i am too new here to tell much change. but one thing u could change (i just noticed this as i an replyin) is that the smilies take a long time to load....maybe just show a few and if people want to see them all they can click on a link. ..just my comments.