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  • BroMagic Review.

    BroMagic LCDs are one of the cheapest on the market and the majority of the time the average user would think of the old saying, “You get what you pay for”. Fortunately this isn’t the case with the BroMagic 17” DVI LCD and we see a quality product come to the market at a cheap price. link
    The reviewer claims the product is cheap, yet I don't see any price quoted to make any comparisons. No prices are listed on the bronet website either. In light of this, how much is the Bro?

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    It all depends on your location and availability. Here in Australia, it may be better priced than other countries... Best way to find out is to look around yourself to see what options are available to you...

    One thing I did notice missing from the review was the sample of how well the RCA / S-Video inputs worked... I was very interested when I saw them, but had nothing to show for it. :(


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      BroMagic is an Australian Only brand and can be found in Europe as Magic.

      Unfortnatly there is no RRP on the LCD and it will depend on what they want to sell for but should be priced around the $680 for the DVI model. $15 cheaper then the AOC and BENQ monitor.

      As for you Beefy I will look more into the RCA Ports and S Video ports for you try get some pictures of them in action. Is there anything particular you want ran throught the ports? Console, DVD Player?

      :) Hope you liked the review excellent monitor for the price over here in Australia.


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        Thanks.. :) You can always send it this way, and I'll check it out myself. ;) ;)

        Just interested mainly in console playback, both via the composite and S-video.