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Gigabyte GA-7DXR+ Competition!

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  • Gigabyte GA-7DXR+ Competition!

    How would you like to win yourself a brand new Gigabyte GA-7DXR+ motherboard? The colourful motherboard from Gigabyte uses the AMD 761 chipset with full support for the AMD Athlon, XP and Duron processors with up 3GB of DDR SDRAM. That's not all, this motherboard also has full Promise ATA133 RAID support and USB 2.0. Here's what we are playing for:

    The good news is we have one to giveaway in the forums!

    Now your wondering just how you can win it... Right? Well, it's really quite simply. Once you have registered and signed up for the forums and posted 25 messages, you are eligible to enter the contest. Not that hard right? Once you've got 25 posts to your name, you have to answer both of the following questions:

    1) What do you like about TweakTown?
    2) What don't you like about TweakTown?

    Competition Update - Only 10 post required now!

    Anyone from any country is eligible to win, we pay shipping anywhere in the world. Entries are chosen randomly and the competition will end on the morning of the 25th of February Australian time. If you've been a member of the TweakTown Forums for a while now and have already clocked up 25 posts or more, just answer the question by replying to this thread and you'll be entered into the competition automatically!

    Best of luck to you all and happy posting - Remember people who post pointless messages will not be eligible to win.

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    Like: Forums are good fun, and great for a laugh, there are also some good reviews on the site :D

    Dislike: the amount of times the forums are down hehe


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      likes: the forums, the new news format, constant news posting (GW wiggo :thumb: )

      dislikes: the seperate news page, i'm not an admin in the forum ;)
      TweakTown [email protected] Team


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        Like about Tweaktown:

        - covers a wide area of topics
        - forum is both informative and fun
        - Site is well structured
        - contains vast amounts of information
        - constant updating


        - some people's attitude in the forum
        - recent slowdown of reviews / guides
        - recent problems with servers (can't be helped)
        - the :kay: smiley.. :D


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          I like the community spirit, technical expertise/help, the way people go out of their way to help.


          Slamo (joking)

          just the downtime which can be frustrating

          lack of spell checker : party ha


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            like: Tweaktown has taught me a lot about computers and made me more confidant when upgrading hardware

            dislike: lack of software reviews


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              Originally posted by Kheldar
              lack of spell checker : party ha
              asif we nead a speel cheaker ;) :p
              TweakTown [email protected] Team


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                Well, the "Like about TT" part is easy..

                Great community.. There aren't that many forums like this one (Beer Garden :?: ).
                Wealth of information, easily accessible.
                Post a question, and a minute later you can have an answer.
                NO POPUPS. Yeah, we all love those. :thumb:
                Very nice design on the website/forum.

                "Dislike" gets harder..

                Oh yeah.. not enough beer..
                The fact that the smilies selection board stops when you click on one of them.. Those smilies are COOL! :geek:
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                How to ask a good question


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                  like:[list=1][*]kick ass forums[*]great news page that is regulary updated[*]friendly community[*]the owner is a great guy who is very generous and kind, who gives away expensive prizes[*]REVIEWS galore[/list=1]

                  dislikes:[list=1][*]occasional downtime of forums[*]every1 on the forums (j/k guys, i luv ya's)[*]not much else to complain about :)[/list=1]
                  TT Original


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                    Like: Friends ive never met in real life, but already feel close to and comfortable with.
                    Dislike: *******s in the cars section, and webgraph :D
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                      [QUOTE]Originally posted by Olie
                      [B]like:[list=1][*]kick ass forums[*]great news page that is regulary updated[*]friendly community[*]the owner is a great guy who is very generous and kind, who gives away expensive prizes[*]REVIEWS galore[/list=1]

                      Olie, why dont you just GLUE your lips to Tweaky's ass, it will save some effort. hahahaha!! j/k! :thumb: :cheers:
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                        The reason for lack of reviews lately is the lack of new hardware. That will all change within the next few weeks as the GeForce4 has been released and manufacturers should be announcing their GF4 based boards in the near future. There is also DDR333 chipsets on the horizon and some other interesting goodies on the way.

                        We're in for a busy few months :)


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                          Likes- News, layout and da funky forums

                          Dislikes- Downtime, lack of software reviews and this smiley: wings:
                          It must be destroyed.


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                            does everything count as a valid answer?? no seriously..
                            - The forum community is just awesome! ppl can come to the forums for help with hardware/software problems. or even Personal problems! even Tweak himself has come to the forums for advice on personal problems! i have yet to see any other forums like this.
                            - The constant evolution of the site...i hate sites that are always the same. never change.. but TT just keeps growing from strength to strength. even with all the set backs we've had, good work:thumb:
                            - the webnews, thanks Wiggo. great job..and love the new layout. much easier :)
                            - the layout, its really simple to find your way around this site unlike some others which will remain nameless..i hate wastin time tryin to find somethin in a cluttered site.. but here. everythings set out perfectly.
                            - the smilies! they rock! lol

                            - the lack of in house reviews + guides lately (which isnt anyones fault as ppl have pointed out, hope it picks up soon guys)
                            - the recent downtime of the forums, and problems with the servers :( (which once again. isnt anyones fault)
                            - the occassional ppl who disrupt the forums...(on a side note. i'd like to applaud the regulars of the forums who take this behaviour so well and deal with it in a mature manner)..but then again. that happens at all forums and cant be pointed out as a bad point for TT :)
                            umm thats about it hey. i dont have any probs with the site!


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                              Thanks for the comments on the news from those ppl. :thumb: (more in the mornin' ;) )

                              Likes - Most everything

                              Dislikes - Yes we do need more of a look at software.