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Trouble installing MOH Warchest

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  • Trouble installing MOH Warchest

    I bought a used copy of MOH Warchest and am having trouble with installation. I get the following error message when attempting to install disc 1.

    Component transfer error

    Component: eReg Files
    File Group: eReg Files
    File: D:\eReg\Medal of Honor Allied Assault_eReg.exe
    Error: Data error (cyclic redundancy check)

    The CD has some minor scuffs & scratches - I have cleaned the disc with an Alsop CD Cleaner/Restorer but still get the error. Anyone have a clue as to what's going wrong?

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    Re: Trouble installing MOH Warchest

    CRC errors generally refer to a problem with faulty media. When on your system drive it means it is either dead or soon will be. On optical media it generally means that the disk is damaged to the point where it is not readable by the drive. You might try it in another optical drive to make sure, but it doesn't look promising. With amy luck, whoever you bought the used program from will give you a refund.
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      Re: Trouble installing MOH Warchest

      Yeah it sounds like your disc is simply too scratchy, although an error like this could also mean the CD/DVD drive is dodgy or the HDD is dodgy as mentioned above so it might be worth grabbing the free version of Sisoft Sandra (a benchmarking tool) and giving your CD/DVD drive and HDD a run in its benchmarks (which would likely fail to complete or produce very poor results if it was a HW issue).


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        Whoo Hooo!!!

        Got a reply over at the forums suggesting something called the boiling water technique. It seems to have worked as all four discs installed without a hiccup after taking a very hot bath.

        There was absolutely no warping or distortion of the discs and all fingerprints & other residue was removed by the process. Only playing the game all the way through will tell if it was 100% successful but so far it seems to play fine!

        Here's a link to the thread as to what I did and also a link to the original cleaning/repair technique


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          Re: Trouble installing MOH Warchest

          Skippy Disc might be just the thing for you: , if a disc can be fixed, they'll fix it, they'll even resurface it. It might be worth a few bucks..