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Console and PC - if only to choose

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  • Console and PC - if only to choose

    I haven't been around for a while (had to focus on girl and school), but now I am thinking of getting back in PC gaming.

    I was chatting with some friends/people, and there general feeling was that console is better than PC Gaming cuz:

    1) Cheeper - console = $300-600 - a really good PC Graphics Card can cost that much. Also, everytime a new PC game comes out - you gotta upgrade the graphics card and maybe other things, which makes it more expensive.

    2) Can use a keyboard and mouse with some of the consoles, and most PC games have a console version.

    3) Consoles are easier to learn and use, and not as scary as learning a PC game.

    4) Consoles are in living rooms and more family oriented
    Now, I don't agree with all these point, but some of them I do feel are real with some people.

    Also, it seems like PC gaming doesn't seem to be as popular as it did a year or 2 ago.

    Anyways, now it is off to see about a new graphics card...

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    Re: Console and PC - if only to choose

    PC gaming is dying. Software companies prefer to release console games since they are harder to pirate. If I had to do it all over again, I'd go console myself. I'd recommend the Sony Playstation 3 since it is also a Blu-Ray player too and you get the added benefits of playing Blu-Ray movies too.
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      Re: Console and PC - if only to choose

      console games suck

      well FPS do anyway

      and there are enough emulators around to run console games on the pc


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        Re: Console and PC - if only to choose

        I personally try to own as many items of technology as possible. pc, laptop, consolses etc... i mean what else would you spend your money on? oh wait... beer i guess... and maybe oreos... but mainly on technology. yea.
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          Re: Console and PC - if only to choose

          PC gaming is adjusting, I don't think it's dieing. In fact a lot of releases this year you'd typically not see as PC games are being given the "Games for Windows" treatment - hopefully a product of improving port capabilities from 360 games. It will always be somewhat of a niche in gaming (otherwise it just wouldn't be PC gaming), but I don't see it dieing any time soon.

          It basically comes down to Microsoft. People say no one owns PC gaming like companies own consoles, but in reality Microsoft do control it - 99% of PC gamers use Windows after all. They also own the console that developers seem to prefer, not to mention it was the first out there which helped make sure multiplatform game engines were being built for the 360 natively. If they can bridge the two together - PC gaming under Windows and 360 gaming - so any 360 release is also easily made a PC release, then PC gaming will remain alive and well. Remember, up until this point in time, porting to the PC has always been considered a tedious task and it has survived this long. If they lower the costs of making a 360 game also a PC game, then it won't matter if it doesn't sell as much and if it's being pirated more than the 360 version.
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            Re: Console and PC - if only to choose

            I still think PC Gaming is better. Granted, they have the arguement that you have to upgrade your graphics card every so often, but I see that as a plus. At least you can upgrade the graphics card. With a console game, within a few years you have to buy a new one to play the new titles. Oh and by the way, compare the number of titles for any console game to the number of titles available for the PC. Oh, and don't forget freeware games you can download for the PC. And old games that you enjoyed many years ago. They're still available for PC. The PC gaming market drives the technology used in console gaming so the better graphics and other new stuff that comes out is generally seen on PCs first. Only exception I can think of is the Wii controllers. PC already has 3D gaming available if you buy the right parts. It will probably come out on consoles in about 5 years.

            And finally, with PCs, most multiplayer games have communities and mods so the gameplay continues on. Look at how long Counterstrike has been around. There are still hundreds of thousands of players playing online and making new maps andother content.


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              Re: Console and PC - if only to choose

              I choose PC!! becoz you can do almost everything while gaming! I dont think PC gaming is dieing already theres a lot PC games that are released last month(1 of that is the best game ive played Batman AA) & more great games will comeout!


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                Re: Console and PC - if only to choose

                People have been saying that the PC is dying/dead for decades. Yes, I'm old enough, I was there. Every time a new console came out with whizz-bang this and uber leet that. Heh.

                Money, compatibility and the longevity of DX9 were the main reasons behind the latest glut of console games over the PC. That's about to change with DX10.1/11.

                Has anyone noticed it costs less to develop for a console than a PC? Why? Because there is no variance. It's all the same thing. Either it's PS3 or 360 or wii. That's it! So the support costs are very small compared to a PC release which has to be compatible with multiple configurations.

                Notice that the games generally cost 10-20 dollars more for a console game than it does a PC game? That's where they get ya and recover some of their costs. Sure the "start up" cost of owning a console is cheaper (not really) $400.00 for a 360 here in Canada and for a little more ~$30.00 will get you a HD 5870.

                But if you buy just 5 console games in a year that could add up to as much as 100 dollars more spent over the same guy purchasing for the PC.

                In the end though, it's going to come down to what you like the most as both platforms have an advantage. I personaly prefer the modability and increased IQ of what the PC has to offer as well as upgrade ability.

                The way I see it, the only way that PC gaming in the foreseeable future is gonna "die" is if the console could some how be on par with the PC in every way but one. Price. I don't see that happening, but I do predict there are enough 'casual' gamers out there to perpetuate the console to it's next evolution, just behind the PC.


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                  Re: Console and PC - if only to choose

                  Pc by far.

                  Young people these days only do console gaming and say that pc gaming is the scum of the Earth. It sort of depends on what games you play, if you want better graphics and better fps, go for pc, and also pc is better for shooters. gaming pc's is also sort of like a hobby, overclocking it, pushing it to the limits and upgrading it. Also dont forget that you can play console games on pc :D
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                    Re: Console and PC - if only to choose

                    PC gaming:
                    - Usually far more customizable than console games
                    - Higher reward for your investment (you can build a $500 gaming PC with refurbished or used parts that gives you better FPS and image quality than any console)
                    - Very community oriented (console gaming is too, but it's usually more mature with PC gaming)
                    - Relatively steep learning curve

                    Console gaming:
                    - Easy!
                    - Years of use out of an initial ~$400 hardware investment
                    - Massive user base

                    I prefer PC gaming for the better gaming user experience. I HATE being limited to maps/modes/performance that Microsoft or Sony include. I love game mods, upgrading my PC, and the PC gaming community in general. I own a 360 only because my brother gave me money to buy it so we could play rainbow six vegas when he was stationed in Alaska :P Also, my wife wanted to play the lego series of games. Now she's hooked on Bad Company 2 on the PC, so the 360 doesn't even get used :)


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                      Re: Console and PC - if only to choose

                      console gaming sucks !!!
                      a good PC can run all the games of ps2,ps3 and x-box . . . and we can even have game pads of ps3 and x-box . so why to buy them , if we can have a complete package in a pc .
                      we can also download the games directly on pc and install them to play for free .
                      what else do you need ?


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                        Re: Console and PC - if only to choose

                        PC gaming is in no way dying..It is far superior in every way. And as for having to upgrade videocards, processors, ram, pretty much spend good money once and you're good for a few years now-a-days. nVidia GTX 480s are 2-3 years old and they still play bf3 on ultra no problem. 1156 chipsets are 2-3 years old and still push games like bf3, without hesitation...general misconceptions and stereotypes run rampant in every hobby/lifestyle...You get what you pay for though, thats for sure.


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                          Re: Console and PC - if only to choose

                          Indeed, currently these consoles are way over their lifetime expectation and they are no match to a powerfull computer. If it wasnt the technology beyind PS3 and XBOX360 i would guess that you could probably even play their games in your PC right now.