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  • Metroid Prime

    Just bought it today (only released here in the last few days)...

    Unbelievable game... It definitely stands up to all the rave reviews it is getting...

    Anyone else out there played it?

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    I have although i like the game, i yes i think it does stand up to all the rave also...I love the classic days of Metriod on the Nintendo (FAMICOM in Japan). Tha 2d game was kick ass...i would have perfered it in Third Person...but who knows if it were to be this good..if it was. My:2cents:

    BTW i haven't beaten the game...but i have played...
    - Damien


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      ive also got da game 2 weeks ago. its a mad game im about 60% thru da game.ive just betten da boss thradus. i just need 2 beams left. im glad it wasnt 3rd person . i perfer 1st person.. its better

      :shoot2: :shoot2:


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        first person i good but it missed the right and left strafe....
        I think that any one that doesnt have a GameCube should buy it just to play Metroid Prime....