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Mortal kombat:Deadly Alliance Review

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  • Mortal kombat:Deadly Alliance Review

    Well i thought since it was such a great game i'd right a short review on it:D

    Graphics:slick smooth and utaly brilliant. The fighters move with smooth finease while blood pores from their wounds. Let me tell you.... you have never seen a fighter that looks this good.

    Sound: Every slash gash and pour of blood sounds crisp and realistic.

    Gameplay: Easily the most fun game to play. The controls are well layed out and the inclussion of three fighting styles gives plenty of varioty. Only problem is some of the Kombos are hard to put together.

    Extras: As well as two documentries and a music video ther are also over 600 things to unlock!!! These include secret players, Secret arenas and much more

    Overall: The best fighting game i have ver played and i highly recommend it to anyone on any console. I give this game 97%

    Please post what you think of this game:thumb: