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Booting up PS2

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  • Booting up PS2

    i just bought a PS2 from someone with a mod chip inside. He told me everytime i need to play a game i need to boot the game with my gameshark 2. I want to know the RIGHT way to boot up a gameshark 2 so i can play all my PS2 backup game.

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    Well, this varies from modchip to modchip. Consult the person who you purchased this from for the proper way to boot it.


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      i think i know what kind of mod you have --> called a neo 2.2 or neo 2.5

      nyways, pretty much you turn on your ps2 and put in the gameshark and then in the gameshark menu, go to start game or whatever (it's been a while), and then you put the game in (eject and swap) and then hit x right before the tray closes, you should be okay...

      your best bet to answer any and all of your ps2 mod questions would be to check, they have the most amazing forum for people learning about ps2 modding


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        I'm a member there, I find that most of my questions get answered quickly :)


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          thaz for all your advice..i figue it out...i have to hold down the Power button...