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  • Playstation 2 game release dates:

    The following are the projected* release dates for PS2 games:

    *Dates are subject to change. The game(s) may or may not be released on the date given.

    *Note: These are US release dates. Most European countries will have the release dates a couple months later than US release dates. This includes Aus.

    October 2002
    Spyro the Dragon 4 Universal Platform Oct. 8
    Kingdom Hearts Square RPG Oct. 14
    .hack Bandai RPG Oct. 15
    Grandia Xtreme Enix RPG Oct. 15
    Gundam: Lost War Chronicles Bandai Action Oct. 15

    November 2002
    Final Fantasy XI Square EA Online RPG Nov. 2

    Unscheduled 2002
    Age of Empires II: Age of Kings Konami Online strategy 2002
    Ape Escape 2 Sony Platform 2002
    Battle Bots THQ Action 2002
    Battle Engine Aquila Infogrames Shooter 2002
    Black and Bruised Majesco Fighting 2002
    Blade II: Bloodlust Mucky Foot Action 2002
    Broken Sword: Sleeping Dragon Revolution Adventure 2002
    C12 Sony Adventure 2002
    Clock Tower 3 Capcom Survival Horror 2002
    Colin McRae Rally 3 Codemasters Racing 2002
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Summit Action 2002
    Daredevil Encore/Activision Adventure 2002
    Delta Force: Urban Warfare Rebellion Shooter 2002
    Dragon Wars of Might and Magic 3DO Adventure 2002
    Dune Dreamcatcher Adventure 2002
    Ecks vs. Sever Bam! Action 2002
    ESPN National Hockey Night 2002 Konami Sports 2002
    Everblue Capcom RPG 2002
    EXO Infogrames Adventure? 2002
    Fantavision for Couples Sony Puzzle 2002
    Getaway Sony Action 2002
    Growlanser III Atlus RPG 2002
    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets EA Adventure 2002
    Hitman 2 Eidos Shooter 2002
    Hot Wheels Monster Truck UbiSoft Racing 2002
    Hype The Time Quest UbiSoft Adventure 2002
    Incredible Hulk Universal Adventure 2002
    Isle of Man T.T. Jester Racing 2002
    Jekyll-Hyde Dreamcatcher Adventure 2002
    Kengo 2: Legacy of the Blade Crave Fighting 2002
    Largo Winch UbiSoft Adventure 2002
    Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring EA Adventure 2002
    Malice Sierra Adventure 2002
    MBX EA Sports BIG Racing 2002
    Mega Race 3 Dreamcatcher Racing 2002
    Minority Report Activision Adventure 2002
    Mission: Impossible 2 Infogrames Action 2002
    MTV Fullburn Take Two Action 2002
    Onimusha II Capcom Adventure 2002
    Phantasy Star Online PS2 Sega Online RPG 2002
    Power Pro Tennis Konami Sports 2002
    Powerpuff Girls Bam! Platform 2002
    Pride THQ Action 2002
    Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc UbiSoft Platform 2002
    Red Faction 2 THQ Shooter 2002
    Reign of Fire Bam! Adventure 2002
    Robocop Titus Shooter 2002
    Shadow of Destiny 2 Konami Survival Horror 2002
    Shaun Murray Pro Wakeboarding Activision Sports 2002
    Skies of Arcadia PS2 Sega RPG 2002
    Soul Calibur 2 Namco Fighting 2002
    Space Channel 5 II Sega Rhythm 2002
    Star Wars: Bounty Hunter LucasArts Action 2002
    Suikoden III Konami RPG 2002
    Summoner 2 THQ RPG 2002
    Superman Infogrames Action 2002
    Super Trucks Jester Racing 2002
    Survivor: The Videogame Infogrames ? 2002
    Tales of Destiny 4 Namco RPG 2002
    Taz: Wanted Infogrames Action 2002
    Tenchu 3 Activision Action 2002
    The Sims EA Simulation 2002
    Time Splitters 2 Eidos Shooter 2002
    Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness Eidos Adventure 2002
    Tom Clancy's Rogue Spear UbiSoft Action 2002
    Trophy Bass Havas Sports 2002
    Twisted Metal: Small Brawl Sony Action 2002
    V-Rally 3 Infogrames Racing 2002
    Weakest Link Activision Puzzle 2002
    Who Wants to Be A Millionaire 2 Eidos Puzzle 2002
    Wild Arms Advanced 3rd Sony RPG 2002
    Wipeout Fusion Sony Racing 2002
    Wolverine Activision Adventure 2002
    XenoSaga Namco RPG 2002
    X-Men RPG Activision RPG 2002
    Zorro Dreamcatcher Adventure 2002

    To Be Announced

    Ace Combat 5 Namco Flying TBA
    Aero Dancing 4 Sega Flying TBA
    Air Ranger Bam! Action TBA
    Ally of Justice Sony Action TBA
    Antz Racing Empire Racing TBA
    Arc the Lad Online Sony RPG TBA
    Armored Core 3 From Software Mech TBA
    Austin Powers Take-Two Puzzle TBA
    Auto Modelista Capcom Racing TBA
    Axis Namco ? TBA
    Butt-Ugly Martians Universal Action TBA
    Bomberman Land 3 HudsonSoft Platform TBA
    Bomberman Online HudsonSoft Platform TBA
    Chrono Break Square RPG TBA
    Clockwork Online Namco ? TBA
    Command & Conquer: Renegade Westwood RTS TBA
    Conflict: Desert Storm SCi Shooter TBA
    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation UbiSoft Adventure TBA
    Curse: Eye of Isis Asylum Adventure TBA
    Dead to Rights Namco Adventure TBA
    Deuce Universal ? TBA
    Devil Dice Explosion Sony Puzzle TBA
    Dinosaur UbiSoft Adventure TBA
    Disney's Jungle Book UbiSoft Action TBA
    Dragon's Lair 3D Encore Arcade TBA
    Dropship Sony Action TBA
    Druid King Sidhe RPG TBA
    Dusk Till Dawn Cryo Survival Horror TBA
    E.T. & The Cosmic Garden NewKidCo Strategy TBA
    E.T.: Return to the Green Planet NewKidCo Adventure TBA
    Enclave Conspiracy ? TBA
    Endoneshia Enix RPG TBA
    ESPN X-Games: Snocross 2002 Konami Sports TBA
    Evo Rally Sony Racing TBA
    Farscape Simon & Schuster Adventure TBA
    Futurama SCi Adventure TBA
    Galerians: ASH Crave Survival Horror TBA
    Generation of Chaos Next: Lost Bonds Idea Factory RPG TBA
    Gran Turismo Online Sony Racing TBA
    Gundam: Federation vs. Zeonic Front Bandai Action TBA
    Gunslinger Activision Action RPG TBA
    Hoodlums UbiSoft Action TBA
    Hot Shots Golf Online Sony Sports TBA
    Hundred Swords Sega ? TBA
    Internal Affairs ATD ? TBA
    Jackie Chan Adventures Encore Action TBA
    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 5 Capcom Fighting TBA
    Judge Dredd Rebellion Action TBA
    Jurassic Park: Survival Konami Action TBA
    Klonoa 3 Namco Platform TBA
    La Femme Nikita Infogrames Adventure TBA
    Lilli and Stitch Disney Platform TBA
    Little League Baseball NewKidCo Sports TBA
    Lunar 3 GameArts RPG TBA
    Maken Shao Atlus Action TBA
    Master Rallye Steel Monkey Racing TBA
    Medal of Honor: Fighter Command EA Action TBA
    MLB 2003 Sony Sports TBA
    Mortal Kombat 5 Midway Fighting TBA
    MotoGP 3 Namco Racing TBA
    New World Order Project 3/Termite Shooter TBA
    Nightmare Creatures 3: Angel of Darkness UbiSoft Survival Horror TBA
    Ninja Assault Namco Action TBA
    Nobunga's Ambition Online Koei Strategy TBA
    Offroad Outlaws Interplay Action TBA
    Outcast II Infogrames Action TBA
    Phase Paradox Sony Adventure TBA
    Pilot Academy Crave Flying TBA
    Point Blank Collection Namco Shooter TBA
    Policeman 911 Konami Action TBA
    Power Smash Tennis 2 Namco Sports TBA
    Race of Champions Activision Racing TBA
    Resident Evil Online Capcom Survival Horror TBA
    Road to El Dorado UbiSoft Adventure TBA
    Rock-N-Roll Racing Interplay Racing TBA
    Rocky Rage Fighting TBA
    Rugrats THQ Platform TBA
    Rush Club Wide Games Racing TBA
    Seven: Cavalry of Molmorth Namco RPG TBA
    Splash Dive Sony Action TBA
    Starsky & Hutch Empire Action TBA
    Star Ocean 3 Enix RPG TBA
    Star Trek: Shattered Universe Interplay Shooter TBA
    The Fear Enix Survival Horror TBA
    Thief III Eidos Adventure TBA
    Time Crisis 3 Namco Shooter TBA
    Tiny Toons Conspiracy Platform TBA
    Tokyo Xtreme Racer Online Crave Racing TBA
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 Activision Sports TBA
    Tron Disney Action TBA
    Underwater Unit Irem Adventure TBA
    Unlimited SaGa Square RPG TBA
    Vib Ribbon Online Sony ? TBA
    Viper Heat Titus Racing TBA
    Volvo Ocean Race Unique Racing TBA
    Wacky Races Infogrames Racing TBA
    Warhammer 40,000 THQ Strategy TBA
    XI Explosion Sony ? TBA
    XIII UbiSoft Shooter TBA
    Zindane Football Generation Cryo Sports TBA
    Zombie Revenge Sega / Acclaim Shooter TBA
    Still Iffy

    Dragon Warrior Online Enix RPG Still Iffy
    Far West JoWood Strategy Still Iffy
    Final Fantasy VII-PS2 Square EA RPG Still Iffy
    Final Fantasy VIII-PS2 Square EA RPG Still Iffy
    Final Fantasy IX-PS2 Square EA RPG Still Iffy
    Gothic JoWood Strategy Still Iffy
    Jersey Devil AM+M Platform Still Iffy
    Ninja Gaiden Tecmo Adventure Still Iffy
    RPG Maker PS2 Enterbrain RPG Still Iffy
    The Planners JoWood Strategy Still Iffy


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