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My PSone Broke

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  • My PSone Broke

    I have a Sony Playstation 1, non-chipped of course. I have a big problem and the console is useless.

    The CD spindle, the black thing that holds the disc, has been damaged in transit when we migrated from Philippines to Toronto Canada. The spindle has been cracked and the small metal balls (bearings) have rolled somewhere and has been lost.

    I was able to make it work for a few moments, by attaching the disc with tape. Cant boot past the Playstation Logo.

    Where can I find a spindle? I live in Scarborough and can take the TTC #133 to the Malvern Town Center. I tried searching for parts in junked computers but no avail. I feel guilty of pulling that CD spindle on my old laptop.

    Anyone can help? No posts please of "Its old get over it" or "Its $** in EB games go get one."

    EDIT: Thanks!