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  • Pretty Sure It's Shot.

    This happened last October or so, and as much as I loved my xbox, I never replaced it or got it fixed. The closer I got to the 360 release the more I realized I shouldn't bother with shipping and the 120 needed for Microsoft to get it back in working order.

    The problems started when I popped in a rented game, played great for a few hours, started to, almost lag a bit. The screen would freeze for a second, unfreeze and I would continue playing. I figured it was the disk, as some of the ones I rent can be a little damaged from time to time.

    Later that month, or early november I bought Star Wars Battlefront, then things really started to go downhill. I, again, blamed it on the game, as I didn't think the xbox would crap out like this. It would play, freeze, play, freeze, pay, freeze, freeze, freeze, give me a damaged disk error. From time to time the screen would go completely distorted, and then give me the damaged disk error.

    My best guess was that the dvd drive was worn down, as it was only the games giving me trouble, the dashboard was fine.

    Assuming it is the drive, and that it will cost me more money than I probably want to spend fixing it, what would be some of the top reccomendations on what to actually do with it now? I've looked into this very little, so I don't really know what my options are, I know I've heard of linux on it, as well as dashboard mods. Preferably I would want something that I don't need to do hardware updates (like a mod chip, if I can avoid it) or something that will only really benefit me if I have a fully operational dvd drive.

    Suggestions are appreciated.