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which xbox version do i have?

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  • which xbox version do i have?

    the xbox identifier says:

    "Your Xbox was made in the year 2005.
    the factory it was aaembled in is located in China.

    Your Xbox was number 137544 on week 18 of that production year.
    Your Xbox was on assembly line 4"

    please help me to find out which version i have??

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    Re: which xbox version do i have?

    Chances are u have a 1.6b, the best way 2 tell is 2 open up ur xbox and check ur videochip and ur ram. I went by the serial number and thought I had a 1.3, then I cracked it open and it was a 1.6b. But here is a chart that might help.

    But I highly recommend u check it by opening it, it's not hard 2 do and only takes u 10 the first time, if that. Check 4 these things.

    If u need help opening it, use this guide,

    Are u looking 2 mod, or HD swap?