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GT 4 gameshark v2 codes??

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  • GT 4 gameshark v2 codes??

    i am looking for gt4 gameshark v2 codes. i, of course went to gamesharks web site, but they no longer support v2. and i really dont want to spend another 30$ to get the newer version. anyone here could help me out ?

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    Re: GT 4 gameshark v2 codes??

    Wish I could, but after my last experience with a gameshark, I cant. I wont give that company another cent. When I bought mine (about the time GT3 came out) it worked ONCE and died. They refused to warranty it, stalled, tried to blame me and every other thing they could do to not deal with it. They even banned me from their message boards when I was trying to just get it replaced or my money back.


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      Re: GT 4 gameshark v2 codes??

      The code break much better than gameshark.
      The latest coder breaker is v9.1, it has more code than gameshark, and much cheaper.
      You can get a original copy from ebay which about $20 bucks.

      The v9.1 also support Day1, which you just get usb flash jump drive and download the code from