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Xbox Power Cable "Recall"

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  • Xbox Power Cable "Recall"

    "Microsoft has said it will replace more than 14 million power cables for its Xbox consoles due to safety concerns. The company said the move was a "preventative step" after reports of fire hazard problems with the cables.

    It affects Xboxes made before 23 October 2003 for all regions but mainland Europe - and consoles in that region made before 13 January 2004.

    Microsoft said it had received 30 reports of minor injury or property damage due to faulty cables.

    The firm said fewer than one in 10,000 consoles had experienced component failures.

    The recall affects almost three quarters of all Xboxes sold around the world since its launch in 2001."

    The wife has one and happened to hear part of a news prodcast about an Xbox recall. Happen to find the info above and the following link below over at amdmb. Use the link below to order a replacement power cable.

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    Re: Xbox Power Cable "Recall"

    all they do is send you a power cable that has a GFCI built in. i have one on my powerstrip thats pbly hella lot better than the one microsoft would send, so i didnt get one.