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  • What mod chip?

    I want to get a mod chip for my box, but i dont know which one to get. I dont really want to spend the rest of my life sitting with the thing reflashing it so a pre-flashed chip would be nice. I'm also not very experienced at soldering so a solderless one would be best?

    I went to the Xecutor page and i guess they arent making the 2.3b Light + anymore? Should i get the X3? I want to install Linux on it and i read something about evox being the way to go. Anyone have success stories they want to share?
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    I dont know much about modding but I heard the Xecutors were pretty good, but for more informasation and tutorials go to


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      Re: What mod chip?

      Well, that helps and stuff but does anyone have a success story with a mod chip that has been tried and true? I recently found out that the Xecutor 2.3b lite + is no longer being produced, that sorta foils my plans.

      Is the X3 worth the cash? Im really terrible at soldering (tried practicing some with my dads soldering gun and made a big mess)

      Ive also heard that Xenium's are good, they have a nifty solderless adaptor.

      But im still not sure. SmartXX is pretty fancy and it comes with a bunch of stuff.....

      I dont know why i just listed those off.. i suppose those are my top choices. Which one would you pick?
      Which ones have any of you tried?
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        Re: What mod chip?

        i have the X3, it's awesome and works really well, i have about 15 games on my box, but if you aren't familiar with soldiering, i suggest you save up some money(about $50) and find a place in your area that will do it for you, and if they ask you to Send ur box in, DON'T DO IT!!! They take ur box and run off with it.
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