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Fun Halo trick! (3 part Instruction)

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  • Fun Halo trick! (3 part Instruction)

    My friend found this fun trick in Halo that you may of heard of but if not I think you should try out...

    This works best with 2 players. For the map "The Silent Cartographer"
    First you and your partner get 2 Warthogs and a full load of grenades.
    There skinny path that goes into the middle of the island (The place were you need to disable the security for the map room) which is blocked by a tree (You have to follow this path when doing the mission objectives)
    Its meant so you are unable to bring the Warthog up there but it is possible and heres how...

    (Its possible with only one Warthog but two make it much more simpler),

    Part 1: Getting a Warthog on to the top of the map.

    1. Drive as fast as you can and ram the Warthog into the small gap between the tree and the cliffside and keep holding the throttle
    2. Next get your partner to smash it the rest of the way in with the other Warthog.
    3. Drive the Warthog up the path to the lowest point on the cliff edge (Look for the large rock there... which you will need to use later)
    4. You and your partner make sure you have full load of grenades each.
    5. Stand in front of the Warthog and get our partner to smash (Pistol Whip) the back of your head so your grenades are launched directly under the Warthog, then do the same with your partner so his grenades are also under the Warthog (Before you do this you will probally need to take care of the two Hunters)
    6. One of you go and collect another load of (Plasma) grenades.
    7. Now for the tricky part... Throw a live grenade on the pile of others under the Warthog, this will cause the Warthog to be blow up in the air so it will land on top of the map *NOTE This may take a few tries because the Warthog tends to roll off on the other side.

    Part 2: Getting you and your partner onto the top of the map.

    1. The person with the most Plasma grenades jump onto the large rock thats at the end of the path near the low part of the cliff.
    2. Next throw a Plasma grenade so it sticks onto the top of the rock, time to about 3.5s then jump up towards the top of the cliff the grenade will blow as you are in mid-jump propelling you onto the the top of the map *TIP: You may have to play with the timings of the grenades, try doing a practice test.
    3. When your are on top kill your friend or make him commit suicide so he spawns behind you up on the top of the map.
    4. Find the Warthog that you had launched onto the top of the map (Do not drive off the edge until you have found the checkpoint!).

    Part 3: Finding a checkpoint on the top of the map.

    1. To save your game up there so you spawn up on the top if you die, walk around until you find this skinny part that sticks out like a peninsula go to the very tip and you will run into the checkpoint and you will automatically spawn there with you and the Warthog on the top of the map.

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    Pushes power on button* inserst Halo disk* Laughs his ass off for 5 min!!!

    Omg that is great man!

    I've been blown to kingdom come before in hangem high with 16 ppl on 4 xboxes put this takes the Cakamus Maximus.