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    Halo 2 for Xbox to be released 4/4/04

    That's right folks, confirmed tonight by several Microsoft Xbox insiders; the 4th of April 2004 will mark the date for the widely anticipated Xbox game - Halo 2.

    Following on from its father (Halo), Halo 2 is expected to be packed full with better weapons, more intelligent enemies, online multiplayer gaming with Xbox Live! and the ability for optional voice commands to team mates in single and multiplayer.

    Microsoft is currently beta testing Halo 2 internally and is on schedule and getting out impressive early copies of Halo 2.


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    Re: Halo 2

    wow, this is an old post, but anyways, everyone knows that the official date is now Nov. 9th 04, pre-ordered the limited edition, oh yeah!!!


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      Re: Halo 2

      I was suprised to find the day Halo 2 came out there were still a bunch of copies at future shop, I guess almost everyone pre ordered im kinda glad I didnt.