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Eidos calls it a day with Nintendo

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  • Eidos calls it a day with Nintendo

    Eidos to end relationship with Nintendo

    EIDOS, the computer games company behind cyber-heroine Lara Croft, has dealt a blow to Nintendo with the news that it will no longer develop titles for the Japanese company’s struggling GameCube console.
    Eidos yesterday revealed it had surged back into profitability over the past year, despite the late delivery of its latest Tomb Raider instalment, and unveiled a product line-up for the coming 12 months that includes the ultra-violent Backyard Wrestling: Don’t Try This At Home and a game based on the move The Italian Job.

    Mike McGarvey, chief executive, said that versions for almost all the upcoming games would be released for Sony’s PlayStation 2 (PS2), Microsoft’s second-ranked Xbox console and desktop PCs.

    However, there were no plans for Eidos, Europe’s second largest games developer, to release any games for the struggling GameCube, which has sold about 1.8 million units in Europe compared with sales of 15 million for Sony’s PS2.

    Mr McGarvey said: “The GameCube is a declining business.” Nintendo announced last month it would temporarily stop making GameCubes to reduce a backlog of units.

    Mr McGarvey said sales of GameCube products had traditionally provided only a fraction of Eidos’ revenues. He added: “If other companies follow us they will have a hard battle to fight.”

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