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Xbox hackers attempt to blackmail Microsoft

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  • Xbox hackers attempt to blackmail Microsoft

    A group says it can run Linux on Microsoft's Xbox, and will make this technique public if Microsoft refuses to consider an official Linux boot loader

    A group of Xbox-security researchers say they have found a way to run Linux on the Xbox games console without a mod chip and will go public with the technique if Microsoft won't talk to them about releasing an official Linux boot loader.

    The group, who have asked not to be named in this article, approached ZDNet Australia after repeated attempts to contact Microsoft independently failed.

    Read the full article here.

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    loading Linux on the XBox is not fact it was done shortly after it was released

    win2k has also been successfully installed onto the XBox

    if I can find the web site I'll be sure to post it...but it was a long time ago...

    edit: here's another little spill about it:


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      although loading linux isn't new, doing it without a modchip is, and thats what this group has claimed to do :thumb:


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        I've been Disappointed at Microsoft's security exploits in the few years that have past, but the Xbox is great! Thats the one thing that hasen't screwed up from them yet, :roll:

        However this information Confirms a concern about the xbox live feature of the Xbox. If these guys can truly install whatever o.s. they wish then whats to stop them from finding a way to Turn Millions of xbox-live enabeled machines into D.o.s.( Denial of sevice) Zombies. If I can find that website talks about this very issue, with the," Xbox hackers", out there trying to crack into Microsofts so called Military-grade security.

        Another article talked about Microsoft actually sponsoring this one Chineese guy to see if he could break the code.

        This group is probably aware that putting linux on the xbox would allow an excellent Hacking avenue to take advantage of.


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          All Microsoft will do is release a security update patch in the next Xbox live update, and make the updates compulsory to run live! , which will mean that esentially live will run like windows update, updating necessary system files when needed to stop hackers from doing this to the Xbox.

          I honestly think that Microsoft should encode security patches or make live updates necessary that actually attack linux users and render their consoles inoperable, read your end user agreement on the xbox, it states that the xbox, despite paying for it, is actually still the property of Microsoft, so i strongly beleive they have every right to protect what they worked hard to produce.

          Hell, if i was microsoft, i'd launch an investigation and treat these guy's like legitimate hackers, tracking them down with the F.B.I and prosecuting them for computer related crime, and id prosecute them to the maximum extent of the law. Then id parade them around the media just to let people know that it is NOT a good idea to mess with the Xbox.

          Seriously though, all hackers do is make it harder and harder to get a good, clean gaming service these days. Look at Halflife CS, they hacked the crap out of it, and now there going to attack yet ANOTHER good gaming service. Goddamn, if i knew one of you linux hackers, id strangle you with my mouse cord, and i know alot of people out there feel exactly the same way.

          Why dont they just stick to what they do best? Masterbating in front of a computer screen.



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            Why dont they just stick to what they do best? Masterbating in front of a computer screen.

            :D :D :thumb: