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  • One quick question!

    To copy a ps2 game to a cd-r/cd-rw and for it to work..all i need is a ps2 emulator?If more is required please pm mewhat is required.


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    Quick things to think on:

    - Many games on the PS2 are actually on DVD discs, so a lot of them won't actually copy onto a CD.
    - An emulator is used to play console games on your PC. Not to play copies on your console.
    - To play backup and imported games, you need to get a mod-chip for your PS2, which are actually illegal in a lot of countries and will void your warranty on your system.


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      Now there are emulators for both systems. Alas the existing ps2 emulator for PC will not run ANY games you own. The emulators for ps2 arent to emulate the own console. But they do have an SNES emulator for ps2, and others! Try to be a little more specific about what you want to do.


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        Originally posted by XBoy
        Try to be a little more specific about what you want to do.
        Saying that he wants to played copied games isn't specific? :rolleyes2


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          so what i need is a DVD burner with a dvd-r disc?

          Ill be more specific, my friend has the Def Jam Vendetta PS2 game which he let me borrow. I liked it, so i want it.So i want to burn a copy so i can play it and let him have his game back.

          I really dont wanna get too much into confusing materials like mod chips..dvd burner sounds much EASIER :bounce:


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            you'll still need a chip. Plus this thread is bordering on illegal, so I'm gonna close it now.