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Submitting my resignation

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  • Submitting my resignation

    It is with heavy heart and much sorrow that I am withdrawing from the United Devices Cancer Research Project.

    This is because I take great exception to the opt-in of the Anthrax Research Project.
    In the mission statement at UD it clearly states -"Whatever results are uncovered will be made available to the United States government and other friendly governments".
    This in no way indicates a humanitarian effort, but rather a political natured endeavor.
    If the cure were being pursued for everyone, I would feel better about it - however that clearly is not the case.

    I was willing to provide my spare processor cycles for a worthy cause that would benefit all mankind. I consider it to be a blatant misuse of the trust and resources I have placed at UD's disposal to forego the cancer project in favor of one that is clearly prejuidiced against select parties. At this time I feel that I can place no more trust in the UD Agent than I could in a common computer virus.

    I went to the forum at UD to express my indignation at this turn of events.
    On 2 seperate occasions, the official response of UD was to close the thread. One instance can be viewed at this page & at this page.

    The official stance was the thread closings were to facilitate ease of replying to the ongoing controversy.
    To that I responded "Perhaps if you were to close a few more threads the task could become managable ".
    The response to that - from a UD employee was -"Actually, it has! Thanks for the suggestion.".
    That exchange can be viewed at this link .

    Needless to say I was rather irate by this time.
    I proceeded to ask - if a cure for cancer were found, would it be for everyone, or only available to a select group.
    I have never recieved a reply to that question from UD. I have stated that I was waiting for a reply to that question in the same thread. After that recieved a response that in no way answered the question, I asked if they were trying to change the topic.

    Still the only answer I recieved was not from a representative of United Devices.

    I have at this time uninstalled the UD Agent - removed all cookies associated with UD from my cookie folder - removed all references and links to UD from my personal website - and formally resigned from the TweakTown UD team.

    And of course --- removed the annoying sig.

    Sorry folks, but I truly feel betrayed by the United Devices Inc. company.

    In fact, I am mad as hell -- so I did the only thing left to do.

    But that didn't make me happy either:cry: :cry:
    Sorry bro:cry: :cry: :cry:
    The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.

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    I am sorry you felt the need to resign Mr C...........I know that cancer research was really close to your heart :cry:


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      I understand your frustration and anger at the decision to focus research on Anthrax instead of Cancer - I'm a bit cranky as well :mad:

      But the world needs to find a cancer cure, I don't give a rat's arse about Anthrax. How many people per year die of cancer? Millions. How many die of Anthrax? Merely in the hundreds.

      UD needs to wake up and realise that Anthrax is a stupid thing to research - the results can only be used to make biological weapons

      As team captain, I formally invite you back Charles - I know this is probably a futile request but our team really needs someone of your calibre on it :)
      What came first - Insanity or Society?


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        mr c, you can disable partisipating in the anthrax research, but there are still millions of ppl out there still processing the anthrax molecule or whateva... unknowingly :(
        TweakTown SETI@home Team


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          OK - just found out more

          It seems that UD has secretly enabled my PCs to run Anthrax research. I have since disabled it, only allowing cancer research. I am angry that I can no longer donate to the make-a-wish foundation - no way, you must research Anthrax to do that.

          It seems that the U.S Department of Defence wants to use my machine for developing biological weapons. A small bunch of paranoid, neurotic, panicking Americans think it's cool to develop weapons of mass destruction. AND TRYING TO USE MY CPU TO DO IT WITH!!!!!!!!!!

          The US DoD gets TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS in funding a year - if they want me to research the effects of Anthrax for them - they can bloody well pay me - they ain't no charity. Intel and Microsoft deserve a fat kick up the arse for supporting this project, and I hope their respective CEO's are inflicted with cancer very soon.

          Also, I pray that Donald Rumsfeld (or whatever his name is) is attacked by a rapidly growing tumour of which there is no cure - because all his machines are too busy developing weapons to think about curing cancer. Maybe then the US government will realise that cancer research is better than spending mega $$$ on killing people

          Rant over - and for the Americans on this forum, I am not targeting you guys - just your government.

          And BTW I am still crunching cancer molecules - so keep the work up guys - maybe if we all ignore Anthrax we can make a difference :wave:
          What came first - Insanity or Society?


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            I am truly sorry to hear this Mr C, as I know how passionate you were to finding a cure for cancer. Lets hope these idiots at UD wake up to themselves and realise what they are doing b4 it is too late.


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              I'll keep running UD (Cancer) on all the PC's I use. I'm guessing getting sick and tired of the UD progress file crashing on my home PC at various precentages, and having to reinstall!


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                When United Devices announced the project to cure Anthrax I simply thought it was a seperate program.
                Thanks to DigitalDD for informing me of my misconception:)

                I looked at the seperate panels of the UD Agent window lots during the course of the project, and for some reason I never noticed the "" sponsorship, until it was brought to my attention. The news articles I saw referring to the Anthrax Project did indeed state that M$ was a sponsor.

                Now I am aware that Microsoft has an office in Arizona which recieved an anthrax infected letter, as well as anthrax being a direct threat to the US government.

                But if Bill Gates and the US government are so concerned about anthrax, either entity certainly has the resources to build a couple of Kray super-computers and find a solution.
                To state in the anthrax project overview that the information gathered will be provided to "the United States government and other friendly countries" is to *******ize the good faith efforts of many involved in the UD project.

                Of course, any information gathered by the UD projects is the property of Oxford University. I have no reason to believe that it is a humanitarian effort at this time.
                I have to ask the question; Is it being done for the good of all?
                I can only ascertain that the information concerning cancer is subject to political posturing like the anthrax project most assuredly is.
                I consider it to be a serious violation of my trust and resources which I have given United Devices to take even a single CPU cycle of my system and funnel it away from cancer research to be used on the political motivations of the anthrax project.

                OK, at risk of sounding like a total paranoid ---- I shall continue.

                I have no guarantee that if I contribute to a cure for cancer it will ever be made available to children in China, Pakistan, Norway or any other country which may be deemed "unfriendly" due to the politics of the moment.
                I have no guarantee that it will be made available to anyone who did not vote Republican in the last Presidential Election in the United States.
                The United Devices project is being done by many computers in many countries. If I contribute to the research, do I have any way of knowing if my online pals in Uganda will benefit from it? What about my friends in Australia, or the gentleman living across the street from me? I can reasonably assume that those residing in Morocco won't - even though citizens of that country contribute CPU time to the project. Morocco isn't currently deemed a "friendly country" by the United States government.

                I shudder to think that I wasted 260+ days of my computer time in order to give some government power over another government.
                Imagine the treaties that could be signed if you promised a government a cure. Or simply promised to cure the ruler of the country in exchange for "playing along".
                A tool for peace, or perhaps a tool for war?

                How the hell could I even know if a cure cor cancer is truly being sought? It is just as likely at this point that I may have been pursuing a method of inducing cancer. Sounds far-fetched, or does it? I don't know!
                Looking back at history - I have no faith in governments. The only true purpose they serve is themselves, not the people that reside under their authority.

                I ponder the possibility of downloading the UD Agent after the Anthrax Project has run its course. Probably not though, the United States government has 3 laboratories we know of working on anthrax at this moment. It appears the laboratories are a bit behind schedule.
                So is the government using Microsoft as a front to pursue it's own ends in antharax development. Seems far-fetched -- or possibly an out of court settlement?

                I wonder what Agent Mulder would say? Because as far as I can see, the truth is not out there.

                The only thing I can say for sure about the whole project at this point is, that in so far as it concerns me, a serious trust has been ripped apart.

                I'm nobody, I have no say. It has become quite apparent that United Devices has no feeling of empathy or responsibility to mankind. Only to their pocketbooks do they have any feeling of loyalty.

                Let's face it folks, if money and politics are going to be the deciding factors in curing anything -- there will be no cure.
                It is much more profitable to treat diseases than it is to cure them.
                Polio was the last disease that I know of that was cured, and nobody is making money from that now are they?

                Fact of the matter is, I belive we can find a cure. Unfortunately, there is no download that I know of to cure petty narrow-minded human behaviour.

                It is my opinion at this time that the figures shown below, were acquired with my time that could have been better spent playing Half-Life:(
                The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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                  But you're still gonna be part of TweakTown, aren't you? You're not leaving us??? :cry:
                  What came first - Insanity or Society?


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                    Oh Al, how could you think such a thing!!!
                    Charles has become one of the family and to loose him, would be so unfair due to the stupidity of these departmental idiots.

                    Im sure he has touched our hearts in so many ways and I dont wish to lose him at all.

                    Just having the ocassional talk with Charles is inspiring and makes the day so much better even if your feeling down.

                    Please Mr C, dont leave us too? :(


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                      I was just asking - I hope he's not leaving :( :cry:
                      What came first - Insanity or Society?


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                        if he does leave i think it will only be the TT UD team
                        TweakTown SETI@home Team


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                          I certainly hope so


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                            Originally posted by Mr. C
                            When United Devices announced the project to cure Anthrax I simply thought it was a seperate program.
                            Thanks to DigitalDD for informing me of my misconception:)

                            I looked at the seperate panels of the UD Agent window lots during the course of the project, and for some reason I never noticed the "" sponsorship, until it was brought to my attention. The news articles I saw referring to the Anthrax Project did indeed state that M$ was a sponsor.

                            Now I am aware that Microsoft has an office in Arizona which recieved an anthrax infected letter, as well as anthrax being a direct threat to the US government.
                            I had no idea Billy G was involved in this, Damn his evil empire. May I make s suggestion Mr.C? Parabon has a distributed computing project going on dealing with cancer research.

                            you can find out more at:

                            There's also Folding @ Home:

                            I just unchecked the Anthrax rearch option and updated my profile, hopefully they will honor my wishes. I never let them use my PCs for their web acceleration tests from the start....:no:

                            But look on the bright side maybe the Prabon project or Folding might stir up your interest again... ;)


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                              Thanks for the linkage DigitalDD, perhaps sometime I shall give it some research time. For the time being though I kinda' feel kicked in the teeth. Not quite ready to throw my hat back in the ring -- my faith in such projects has taken a huge hit. Not really sure if I have any left actually.

                              I started the project with the best of intentions. Never signed up for the cash prizes when UD offered them. Just wholeheartedly placed my limited resources at their disposal for what I thought at the time was a worthy cause.
                              There was never any promise we would find a cure, but it was neat to try. You hear so much negativity towards the internet in the news; hacker, security holes, online predators, fraud schemes, etc. I couldn't help thinking "Wouldn't it be great if we could show the world the amazing potential the internet has to make the world a better place to live.".

                              Well, it wasn't a bad thought at the time. I still think it could be done.

                              And now for news that may prove rather disturbing to some of you --- I have no intention of leaving the TweakTown community.
                              I was a frequent (daily at least) viewer of the TweakTown site long before I became a forum member. Participating in this forum has added much to the experience. Actually, this is the first forum I ever participated in. (What can I say, I'm a late bloomer.)
                              I have had some interesting converstions with you good people, not something I would find easily replacable. I have learned much during my time here, both from the forum regulars as well as the occasional passers-by. I have strived to be a worthy member of this community. To contribute when I am able, and to give support and freindship in the same good-natured spirit I found here when I arrived.

                              Who in their right mind would give that up? Be about as easy as giving up chocolate ice cream or cookies.

                              During the 10+ months I participated in the United Devices project I happily gave my computer over to the project for the most part.
                              Now that my participation has ended, I feel rather freed to pursue some projects that are admittedly a bit more selfish.
                              The week before I began UD, I purchased B-17 Flying Fortress. I had anxiously followed the development of that software for 2 years, and it is one of a select few (3 actually) pieces of software that I paid full price for.
                              I have a Great-Uncle who was a pilot of one of those historic behemoths of the air, and I would consider it quite an honor to, in some small way, perhaps share some of the experience that he endured in real life. In the few hours I was able to examine what it had to offer, I was left with the impression that it is indeed a rather awesome simulation. I am anxious to devote some time to it.
                              Additionally, I have purchased American McGee's Alice and Independance War: Deluxe Edition. Being as I already own the original American release of Independance War I know without doubt that at least one of those titles rocks!
                              (at this time I would like to recommend Independance War to any of you interested in space games. It may run under 256 color, and run like a champ on a 200Mhz system with 64Mb's of RAM, but in no way should you consider it out-dated. A great game is still a great game. And with the physics involved in navigation, it is actually often referred to as a simulator.)

                              I have a rather large project in mind for my system, and would like to use you folks as a sounding board, so tell me what you think of it.
                              I have for several months been considering building a new system. But money is tight ATM.
                              Instead of doing that, I am seriously considering diving head-first into the world of Linux.
                              Consistently I hear how much better a PC runs on it instead of Windows. (That would make it just like an upgrade to the PC wouldn't it?)
                              The only thing I would need to get going is a huge download. LOL
                              And at some point in the future, a hardware modem. Not neccesary to begin with though.
                              I am not sure if my 8GB HDD works or not, I was having some serious issues with it before getting my 20GB.
                              However, I low-level formatted it last night, and tested it using the manufacturers utilities. They show nothing wrong with it.
                              Be a bit "iffy" perhaps, using it for Linux, but worth a shot.
                              Additionally, I am considering devoting a chunk of my webspace to a "Linux diary" per se. Where I would document in detail my adventures, where others could come to see what I have done (both right and wrong) and perhaps learn from it. And if things go well, perhaps it might help them decide to take the plunge along with me.
                              Truly, I know nothing af any value about Linux at this time. So any way it turned out, it would just be an account of a moron attempting to cut the cord with Microsoft.

                              I've currently got 3Mb's to spare, and can get more without to much pain.
                              What do you think - good idea, or just another lame personal page?

                              I'm just thinking out loud about the website, but I really do want to make an honest effort to give Linux a chance.
                              The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.