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TT Commander PC - Newbie questions.

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  • TT Commander PC - Newbie questions.


    I've been planning on building my first PC and I am interested in using Tweak Town's $2000 selection/suggestion. I'm a self-educated PC guy and I've been reading TT's reviews for roughly 3 years now(And using it for price comparisons). I'm currently deployed to Afghanistan and I plan on making all my major purchases towards the end of my current deployment. It goes without saying, that I'm clueless. I have a simple understanding of how a lot of hardware works, only because I'm a googleholic. If I have a question I just research it. Building a computer however, is an entirely different matter.

    And so my questions are:

    Where would be the proper place for me to post my noob questions with seeking help building my computer?

    Would it be better for me to just purchase an already assembled PC or go with buying the "Commander"?

    If so, where would I purchase something in the $2000 dollar range with the best 'bang for my buck'?

    I really would like to get all of these newbie questions out of the way, but I would like even more to put them in the right place so I'm not drowning out other threads. I really appreciate your help.