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SETI at Work Problems!

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  • SETI at Work Problems!

    I'm sure many of you have noticed that the team stats page at is down. The following is posted on the home page:
    Bad news! SETIatWork was down earlier today because the team stats script was crashing the server thus our account was suspended. Although this site is up again, the team stats has been disabled. We will be migrating the team stats to another server as soon as we can. Sorry for the inconvenience. :(
    Hope they get things back on track soon!

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    We'll just have to rely on our sigs and the official SETI@home pages for a bit.


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      Its back.
      But the link has changed a little.
      I updated the one in my sig, so you can use that or just go to and scroll down.:thumb:
      Glad to see them back up.
      S@H server is way too slow to update. I guess Im spoiled by Seti@work. :o


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        Now why is my av. pushin' 70+ p/d all of a sudden when I've only had a few PC's here recently for work (and my new P4 ain't assembled yet). :confused:


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          well Seti@work was down and we had to use the Sig's, now Seti@work is up and now the Sig's are, will they just figure out what is going on over there? :D


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            Well yesterday was one of them much less than 24hr days again (nearly half of my daily units from yesterday are tacked onto todays effort again) and then the whole SETI@home site went down (so I wonder if I'll get to upload all these w/u's done today).