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Thanks to whoever send "a little help"

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  • Thanks to whoever send "a little help"

    This is say thanks to whoever send me 'a little help" as you put it.l
    Whoever it was sent me $25 and said they just wanted to send " a little help". Although they didn't leave a return address or say who it was.
    They said they have been in my position before and know how hard it can be sometimes and just wanted to help and didn't want to say who it was cause it really didn't matter, that they did it to make them feel better cause they are able to help, not to get a thanks for doing it.
    WELL THANK YOU. I appreciate it. I ended up getting some things I have missed like you suggested. Including soda, some good cereal and other things my wife can't touch!!! She was pissed to see I had gotten some money. She didn't believe me when I said where it came from until I showed her the letter. I think it thouroughly pissed her off. She thought I might have sold something since I had put an add in the paper and put the stuff online here. But I haven't had luck with either.
    Here is a pic of my VA disability card since someone had asked about it. With it I can get help at any VA hospital for my back. And hopefully soon the board will come back with a decision on what percentage of disability I will get, then I will get a monthly check to help since I can't work.
    When they told me I was going to support the war I had 2 days to get ready. To get help when I got hurt and now need help, it can take them 2 years.......ahhhhh the government for ya....
    I had my compensation/disability exam at the VA hospital about 2 months ago, and it can take up to 2 years to get it back from the board. Hopefully though, it won't take that long.
    Thanks again to whoever sent that, it was really cool and made my day........


    I didn't know where to put this. I figured it was a fellow cruncher, so I put it here....

    Forgot to add this. II read this in the latest enquirer this week and thought it was pretty cool.

    Happiness is knowing my kindness made someone else's day!

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    Sorry m8 but it wasn't me. :shrug:


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      it's awesome to know there are still kind people in this world, not many left, close to extinction, but some, god bless :thumb:


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        Im not gonna be able to part with that Hard Drive I Mentioned to ya eariler, :(

        But anyway, whoever sent this to you is obviously a quite generous person and an asset to TT, helping people out like that.


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          thats awesome, your luck is changing! and COOL to "anonymous" :thumb: :thumb: