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CLI Client - help please

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  • CLI Client - help please

    Hi Guys

    Ive recently joined our seti team and have just reached my first milestone of 100 wu's

    I downloaded the CLI Client setup from elrado's post.
    I think that I followed the instructions however I still have the GUI Client up and running to complete my last wu on it.

    Do I need to uninstall this to get the CLi Client to work?

    I am hoping to get my time down to about 2.75 hrs, currently I am running seti on the two networked pc's at home and also on my daughters old and slow machine 1 hour down the road. If the cli Client runs that much faster I will change the other two to run it . My current time is about 3.2 hours on my pc and 6.4 on the network machine.

    29) TROLLIE
    30) Clark Kent
    31) maximus7001
    These guys are my next targets using 3 pc's on CLI I hope to complete about 10-12 wu a day!

    Wiggo is safe from me but im looking to get into the top 20


    My Setup

    P42.6 @2.6
    MSI 875p neo mb
    Corsair ddr400 twin 28256 mem
    wd800 hd
    Geforce 3 ti 500
    on board sound and lan
    xp sp1
    yamaha 2010 crdw
    dell 17 crt

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    Yes you need to removed the GUI version when installing the CLI, If you run both it will slow the comp down considerably as it will be processing 2 WU's at the same time.


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      Welcome to the team johnerz. It's great to see such enthusiasm and congrats on obtaining the 100 Unit certificate! :thumb:

      CheeZmonZter is correct. Uninstall or delete the GUI version after it completes a unit before starting the CLI version.


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        Thanks Guys, you make it all sound so simple. Ill get back to you after iv'e tried it.


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          hmm, Elrado seems to be using my page but on his server :confused:
          I guess you dont get the stupid popups, so its all good :thumb:


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            Affirmative. I, for one cannot access Geocities sites from work. Thought there may be others in the same boat. I discovered the popups are caused by two lines or so of text at the beginning of the page and two at the end. I guess they cause PU's coming and going! There is even text that says something about deleting the lines.


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              you're probably right about the code, but I got mozilla so it takes care of any popups that I need. I got geocities on there, so no more popups from them.
              They put in the code into the page after I upload it, so I got no controll over it.
              But I will keep in mind to let you know when I update something on the page, so that we both show the same one. :thumb:


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                Got It!

                Thanks guys
                It seems to be working well.




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                  Good news. We'll be expecting to see your climb through the ranks progress more quickly now. Enjoy! :thumb: