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Folding@home servers down?

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  • Folding@home servers down?

    anyone else out there with F@H not able to connect to the work servers? I've been trying to upload my last WU for over 12 hrs. Anyone else having a problem or is it just on my end?

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    The F@H site doesn't have a "Server Status" link, which would be helpful. :shrug:

    Is there only a screensaver version of the program? How long does it take for a work unit?


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      there is 3 different versions
      -the 'Graphical Client' that is basically an app that runs in the background with an icon in the system try with will open a window giving you the status of the WU

      - the 'Screensaver' version is like the first one but only runs when the screensaver is launched and so it will only run when the PC is idel

      -there is also a command line version as well for people that want a more hands-on approach but as far as I can tell it doesn't improve performance any

      I use the Graphical version for simplicity and so it will run 24/7 or as often as I wish...I'm really not to fond of screensavers...

      as for how long a WU take, well it can vary a good bit as not all F@H WUs are the same size. It's not like seti where you can chop up a long recording into equal sizes and send it to lots of comps for processsing. This is dealing with protien folding or the human genome (if you use the genome@home part of the client, which I do) which results in a variety of WU sizes. In the futrue I think they have plans to send WUs depending on the CPU involved. So so duron would get a smaller WU than a Athlon XP. But for now they don't do that and so I get WU that can take anywhere from 5-9 hours to crunch when the comp is dedicated. But it's not dedicated to F@H unless I'm sleeping since the only comp I've got it running on is my main Rig...but I've got plans to build a dedidcated machine later on


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        apparently there is a server status page that i didn't know about:

        there are a few that are offline, maybe my client is justr trying to connect to one of them :shrug:

        EDIT: I looked though the log and found the server that I keep getting assigned to: which was changed from assign & accept to accept only just before I finished my WU last night...figures....

        now I've just go to see if I can change my assigned server somehow...everytime I restart the client I get the same server


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          Sorry m8 but my lost relo's need to know about about . ;)


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            Wiggo, if I thought i had a chance in hell to convert you to anything other than SETI I would have tried already :laugh:

            although out of all 16 of those comps you've got sitting around, would it hurt to use one or 2 for something else? Na, you've got to let your relatives know what their missing in your brew :p :laugh:



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              it's working again :bounce:

              since I was curious i desided to launch it in the console and i was able to see how big the file was:

              511203 bytes (499.2 KB) decompressed to 2524929 bytes (2.4 MB)

              so how does that compare to SETI@home?

              installed F@H on another comp just 10 minutes ago and it's file was 542698 bytes (530 KB) decompressed to 3588921 bytes (3.4 MB) ...too bad it is a slower machine, so like I said the WU can vary a bit


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                The SETI@home work units are 348 KB. The world wide average (over the past 24 hours) is 9 Hrs 9 Mins. per unit. The best in our group is under 2 hrs/WU. The team page, which is linked in my sig shows everyone's average imets.