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  • Wish me good luck!!

    Well just thought i'd post this and tell you all bout my weekend. Well as my name sudjests i play rugby and my team (douglas rugby football club) is going over to england to play whilmslow in the quarter finals of the cheshire cup. This is the same as say a regional championship quartor finals. So wish me luck people.
    P.S. MInd my absence of TT this weekend but i'll catch up when i get back:thumb:

    If we win it may be three days off TT as i might have to recover from the

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    Well unfortunatly we lost:( Out of the cheshire cup 35-5. Well it was a good match with only three injuries on our team(a friend and i both disslocated shoulders while another team mate strained his neck tendents). Fortunatly the shoulders poped back in easy enough and only the guy with the neck problem had to go off.SO the teams back into training for a few friendly's comeing up. I'll keep u updated:D


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      Sorry you lost... :( ...yeah, just keep on training. :thumb:
      BTW, have ever won anything...? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :D


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        erhm...I had a little typing error there! :o The last sentence should be "BTW, have you ever won anything?" :rolleyes: ...sorry. :D