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What's everyone doing August 10?

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  • What's everyone doing August 10?

    It's the first time in 20 years, but the WWF is finally coming to Australia. The Global Warming event is on at Colonial Stadium in Melbourne, and it's gonna be impossible to stop me going.... So who's with me?

    And for those of you who are gonna say it's crap/fake, don't bother. I WILL delete any posts like that.

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    I'll go, we could walk there... :D
    Cameron "Mr.Tweak" Wilmot
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      Par-tay at Tweak's house after!!!


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        you guys go and i'll stay and try to DL the net on tweaks party/ set up for party afterwards
        TT Original


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          Beefy- Did you see the wrestling on tuesday night? (Was on FOX8 if I recall, didnt catch what it was, I think it was smackdown or replays of insurrextion)
          anyway, if you saw it- did hogan destroy the undertakers bike or not?
          I missed the end cause i had to dash and catch a train to tafe. Last I saw he was cruising around backstage on his bike calling the undertaker a ***** etc. Then he parked it in front of an 18 wheeler and was gunna smash it up good. Cut to ad break and then I had to go.


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            missed it, but I taped it.. will let ya know when I watch it tomorrow


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              OMG.. maybe i'm not going to the wrestling.. here's the price list:

              TICKET PRICES
              Endzone $29.95 - The top of the house, up above the End of the field, and around the stage. You may not see the front of the entrance stage but that vision will be shown on the Stadium`s huge video screens.

              Skydeck $49.95 - Top of the house, up above the action and the spectacle, perfect for families and priced accordingly.

              Silver $99.95 - The second level of the grandstands, some of the best seats in the house, in the West and South of the grandstands.

              Gold $109.95 - The lower elevation seating on the East, South and West sides of the field. These sections will be hydraulically moved out into the arena for this event to bring you closer to the action.

              Where I'd like to be:

              Fightdeck $199.95 - The arena floor, down among the action including the areas near the entrance stage and runway.

              Premium $199.95 - The Medallion area of premium seating in the second level on the Western side of the ground.

              Platinum $275.00 - The next ten rows around the ring enclosure on the East, South and West of the ring enclosure.

              Diamond $750.00 - The first twelve rows around the ring enclosure. The ticket price includes a special souvenir ticket pass and your own special event folding chair which can be taken home with you at the end of the show.

              oh, Hulk did run over the Undertaker's bike as well.. :)


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                Take the cheap ones plus some very good binoculars. ;)


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                  i'm thinking that if I go, it'll have to be Fightdeck or Premium...