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    As the new Formula 1 season draws ever closer, take a look at these superb and sometimes tragic photos from the sports colourful past.

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    Re: F1

    I wouldnt say the new F1 season is drawing closer just yet...hell we havent even finished the current season!. I for one am very much looking foward to the last three races of the season, especially now that Schumi is showing his weaknesses. The Chinese GP next week is going to be very good, if Bahrain is anything to go by. These new circuits look very promising in terms of excitement and overtaking.

    Some of those photos are very good. Its amazing to look back at the evolution of the sport. I have only been watching since about 1997, so have only seen the more "modern" variety of F1 cars. I would have loved to see the original cars racing it out, with Stirling Moss and other pioneer drivers!

    Great stuff!