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The Indianapolis Colts improvements!

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  • The Indianapolis Colts improvements!

    Okies, Im sittin here watching my hometeam, the Colts playing ,and theyre dominationg the Saints, with a score of 55 ATM. and thats with 10minutes to go in the 4th.

    Just curious if anyone else has noticed the drastic improvement in their overall teamplay and defense especially.

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    yeah, i noticed.


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      Forgot to add Manning's club record breaking 5 TD passes in a game, 1st time in the NFL since '91

      May end up being 6 TD passes in a few


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        Yeah the Colts do seem much improved, especially on D. hehe it was a great day for my fantasy team with marvin harrison gettin the 3 td passes :D


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          Well can you belive it? Anyone that watched Monday Night Football last night knows what Im talking about, the AWESOME 4th quarter comeback, primarily the 21pts in 4minutes, against the BEST Defense in the NFL, now the Colts have proved themselves, They beat the Previous SuperBowl Champs on the road on MNF.

          ALSO, they ARE considered the best team in the LFL right now, shown here

          Peyton Manning is the top QB in the AFC, as well as the NFL, shown here

          Shown here, Marvin Harrison is the top receiver in the AFC, though forth in the NFL

          Mike VAnderjagt is the top FG kicker

          And last but not least, their new Kick returner, Brad Pyatt is 2nd in the AFC in returns, finally giving them the filed position they need

          I got all my stats from here

          Of course, theyre Defense has some in the top of the ranks too, but no as dominating as the offense/special teams


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            so they actually won last night? after I saw an interception which turned into a fumble and a td I got bored quick as that was in the first quarter....


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              Yup, scored 28points in the 4th, most namely 21 in the last 4minutues, NFL record, and took it to OT and won


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                *yawns* ho hum, not impressed with either team....


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                  I do agree, especially the way the Colts played the 1st half, Tampa didnt exactly play bad in the 2nd, Indy just opened up a big ole case of whoop ass and determination


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                    Opinion Change - COLTS SUCK ASS


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                      Re: The Indianapolis Colts improvements!

                      to tell you, the saint suck :\