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    i'm not one to watch many tv shows, but i do watch will and grace......i'm just curious if anyone else here likes that show too.....

    also, what other shows do you people watch?

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    To tell you the truth, I don't find much use in television anymore. I have the movies I want to watch, I get the news I need off the internet.. with the exception of a few news channels or the occasional holiday/sports event I simply stay away from TV.

    When I used to watch TV, I watched a lot of the SciFi channel.. that being FarScape and the movies they would have there. Mostly it was channel surfing to find something interesting.

    I was a big fan of "Home Improvement" way back when and the Simpsons too. Futurama and the Family Guy.. hehe yeah.. thats good too.

    Where are you in MO? I grew up in a hole in the wall called Lee's Summit (by Kansas City), then moved to St. Peters (STL area) until I moved to Texas a few years back.
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      i'm about 2 hrs from kansas city.....(small town)......i like the simpsons, but hardly ever watch it u said, there's just not much on anymore......


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        I seem to watch the internet more than the TV these days