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Would anyone like a Lockerz invite?

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  • Would anyone like a Lockerz invite?

    I need 17 more invites to make the z list so we could help each other out here!

    If you would like an invite send me a privet message with your email adress and I'll send you an invite (no scams or spam I promise!)

    For those of you who don't know what lockerz is bascially you get points for answering a daily question, for the first time you log in, for everyone you invite that accepts, and mostly for watching videos on the site (I always just shut the volume off and let the video play while I am watching normal TV or browsing other websites (if you do this just check back every couple of minutes to claim your points once the video is over!) Once you make the z-list (20 invites) they send you a free t-shirt (if you want it) and you will then get double points everyday for everything you do on the site. Once you get enough points you can redeem these points for prizes some cost as little as 60 points, bigger items cost more, I think the most expensive thing at the moment is a 21 inch mac computer valued at 14,000 points. (about 2100-2500 US dollars depending on where you sell it).

    BTW Lockerz IS an international site! they have Northern America (US and Canada only as this time) Redemtion, and they have international (everywhere but the US and Canada can see at this time) redemption!

    The site has prizes such as t shirts, game consoles (DS, wii, xbox 360, and PS3) as well as games for the same consoles, DVD's Ipods, headphones, cash (through paypal or towards amazon payments) as well as many other things. They run out of stock fast but they restock about once a month, you have to be quick but hey if you save up for something big you can turn around and sell it for cash on ebay or craigs list or something!

    Some people are saying it is a scam, I have been here for a little while and I can tell you I have not gotten any spam from lockerz! The only negative thing about it is you have to be quick when it comes to Redemption!

    Let me know if you would like an invite!